Best Solar Showers Reviewed For 2021

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. But a warm shower can be hard to come by. Luckily, we found the best solar showers out there to make your camping experience even better.

Here’s a quick reference guide to the best solar showers:

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp ShowerBest Overall4.5/5
Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar ShowerBest Budget4.1/5
Coleman 5-Gallon Solar ShowerMost Flexible4.3/5
PGYFIS Solar Shower Bag Camping ShowerLight Weight4.1/5
iDeep Camping Solar Shower BagSmallest Option4/5
STEARNS Sun Shower 4Highest Quality4.6/5

For more details on each of the solar shower recommendations, keep reading our detailed guide below.

What Are Solar Showers?

Whether it’s on a beach or at a campsite, having a solar shower to relax after a long day of hiking or swimming can be a game-changer. They come in a variety of shapes and types, but they all have the same purpose. A solar shower provides you with a warm shower that you can take with you anywhere you go.

Most of the showers are shaped as a bag with a hose on the bottom side, ending with a showerhead. When you carry it with you, the water inside heats from the sun, and keeping the water inside warm for a long time. That means you can have a nice, warm shower to stay clean and fresh even when camping for more than a day.

There are other types of solar showers that use the same principle. For instance, many beaches have non-portable solar showers that accumulate water in the body of the shower, heating it with solar energy. Once somebody takes a shower, the water reaccumulates and heats again.

However, we’re not interested in these. We’ll focus on the portable solar showers – how to use them, what models to look at, and where to find them.

How To Choose The Right Solar Shower

When you are choosing the right solar shower for you, make sure you know how, when, and where you are going to use it, because different models are better for different situations. While some models give you longer shower time, others will have better pressure. Some models have more features, too, so it is always good to know what you want and what you need.

Pick a larger tank if you are planning a camping session lasting for a longer period (a couple of days or more). But, keep in mind that 5 gallons of water are not that easy to carry around. so if you are going somewhere where the terrain isn’t that simple to navigate through, a smaller tank is probably the better option. For instance, mountain hiking campers should probably use the smaller tanks than the campers roaming a beautiful forest.

Also, there are other factors to take into consideration. If you don’t plan to use the Solar Shower frequently, it’s not a bad idea to get the most simple option with no unnecessary features or gadgets. However, if you are a frequent camper and need to use the shower more often, then you need the best of the best. So, you should opt for a model that has side pockets, mirrors, built-in thermometers, etc.

How Do Solar Showers Work?

Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of specific models, you should know what a solar shower is, how it works, and how to use one.

A solar shower is a portable version of a shower used outdoors, mainly in campsites without a fixed shower or similar situations. It consists of a water bag that works as a tank to store and heat the water, a hose, and a showerhead.

What Are Solar Showers Made From?

The bag can be made out of various materials, but usually, it’s made of PVC, simply because it absorbs heat very well. It doesn’t have to be PVC, however. It can be any other material that is flexible enough, and a good heat insulator.

The hose, on the other hand, is almost always made of rubber for several reasons. First, it’s durable and resistant to outdoor conditions. Fiber hoses are prone to tears and rot, while metal hoses are too heavy and rust.

Rubber is also flexible, which is great both in transport and for showering. Finally, the head is usually plastic, because it is lightweight and durable. Some solar showers come with a valved showerhead, meaning that you’re able to control how much water is getting out and how strong the stream is.

Solar Shower Mechanics

As to how it works, it is very simple physics. When you fill the bag with water, the insulating material absorbs solar energy when left in the sunshine and turns it into heat to warm up the water. It will also stay warm for a while even if you move it away from the sunshine, because of the insulating material.

When the water is heated to the desired level, hang the bag from a high position (for instance, a tree branch) with the hose facing downwards. The gravity will provide the pressure needed for the shower to run. You should keep the hose as straight as possible not to lose pressure too early. But ultimately, you will lose pressure as the bag empties.

How Long Can Solar Showers Last?

The duration of the shower varies from model to model, depending on how much water it can contain, how much pressure can it generate, does it have a valve or not, etc. But, on average, you can calculate the approximate length of the shower with a simple formula: 5 gallons are enough for a two-minute shower.

So, if you have a 10-gallon solar shower, it can run continuously for around 4-5 minutes. As the water level lowers, the pressure lowers too, hence the stream is slower.

Of course, you can make it last even longer. A valved showerhead is the best option because you can regulate how much water you want to have running and be economical that way, so one full tank can provide you with as much as several showers.

Best Solar Showers Reviewed

Now that we know what a solar shower is, how it works, and how to use it, we can finally take a look at some options. The models vary in many different ways: size, price, material, additional elements, etc. You should choose your solar shower depending on what you need.

Do you need it for longer hikes or short stints outdoors? Do you want the most simple version, or are you aiming for something more luxurious? Even the weight you can carry should be kept in mind while choosing a solar shower. Carrying 5 gallons of water around can be extremely hard, especially if you’re facing rough terrain, so maybe a smaller shower is the better option.

We considered all the factors and came up with a list of the best solar shower models out there, both overall and budget picks that will work just as well, but save you some money.

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower is above the competition for so many reasons. Not only does it work like a charm, but the advanced features it has will make your life a lot easier, and your showers a lot more comfortable.

The shape of the water bag is literally like a tank, which is very easy to carry around. To add to it, standard solar showers can carry 20L (5 gallons) of water. But, the special shape of this shower allows for the tank to be just a bit longer, carrying up to 22 liters of water, making your showers last even longer.

Solar Shower Features

But, what makes this shower revolutionary in comparison to some others is the added features that are truly a game-changer. Normally, you have to hang the shower somewhere over your head, so that gravity can do what it does. That allows you to take a shower, but the problem is, as the water level in the bag lowers, you lose the pressure of the stream, making it hard to rinse.

Well, the Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Cam Shower bypasses that problem, simply by not depending on gravity. This awesome shower has a built-in pressure pump, that injects air into the bag, raising the pressure inside it, ultimately pressing the water out at a pressure level you wish for yourself.

The shower, therefore, doesn’t have to be hanged somewhere high. You can put it down on the floor, pump up the pressure to the desired level, and have a continuous stream without losing the stream pressure whatsoever. If it does get weaker, just press the pedal a few more times, rev up the pressure again, and rejoice.

Solar Shower Benefits

When the shower is fully pressurized, it can generate around 7 to 10 minutes of shower time – even longer if you turn it on/off when you need it. You can easily regulate it with the showerhead that has the on/off handle.

What is also great about this shower is it’s versatility when it comes to storage. When you empty the tank, it can be folded very easily and nicely, making it easy to carry around. The hose is seven feet long, which allows you to reach all the spots you need to reach. It is very versatile and durable too.

Actually, the entire Nemo solar shower is extremely durable. They take pride in creating products that are resistant to all outdoor conditions, tears, etc. So, when you buy a Nemo Helio Pressure Shower, you will get a lifetime warranty.

The work they put into every detail is quite amazing, and even though you’ll have a warranty if something breaks or tears, you probably won’t need it, because the shower is extremely high-quality and durable.

The only downside to this solar shower? The price, that is levels above other solar showers that do the same thing. But, if you want the best of the best in quality, durability, and longevity, this is the best choice you can make. 

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower

If you are asking us for our pick for the best option you can make, then the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower is the answer. Not only does it have a lot of additional features to help you have a more comfortable shower, but the stream it provides is by far the best out on the market.

As you shower, the pressure does not drop, even though there is no pressure pump. What allows the water to flow uninterruptedly and without losing pressure is the shape of the shower. Also, a plastic buckle on the handle allows you to attach and detach the shower to a high position easily, so you can have the best pressure you can get when showering.

Solar Shower Features

The bag is constructed in four layers, which enables it to heat the water to over 80 degrees Celsius in only a few hours of direct sunlight. You can easily fill up the tank on any water source thanks to the large valve on top of the bag. Once it is filled, leave it in direct sunshine for 2-3 hours. 

The bag has a temperature gauge that will help you know when the water has reached the warmth level you want. Also, there is a built-in mirror there, meant for shaving, makeup, and freshening up in general.

The Advanced Elements Gallon also has velcro pockets and side straps to help you store shampoos, soaps, or for hanging towels onto them after your shower.

Finally, the showerhead has a simple-to-use on and off switch to help you regulate shower time and power, too, meaning you can take multiple showers from only one full tank of water.

Solar Shower Benefits

With all that being said, the only thing that this shower doesn’t have, and the Nemo Helio Pressure does, is the pressure pump. But, it still gives you the best pressure out of all the showers we tested and doesn’t lose too much of it once it gets emptier. Ultimately, what makes this product our top pick is the price. It costs only $40, which is incredible when you compare all the features you get with the features and prices of similar models.

If you are looking for the best option out there with the best quality/price ratio, the Advanced Elements Shower is all you can ask for, and more.

Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Sometimes, quality lies in simplicity. That is definitely the case with the Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower, one of the simplest, yet most effective solar showers out there. There is enough water inside for multiple showers, and the on/off valve on the showerhead will help you regulate how much water you are using.

Solar Shower Features

The handle is very sturdy and strong, making it reliable for carrying around or hanging. However, it is non-detachable, which can be a bit tricky when trying to hang it up on a tree or some other spot in nature.

You should also look to hang it high enough so that the hose can be as straight as possible because the shower does lose a bit of pressure as the water level inside the bag gets lower. Nothing to be concerned about, but keep in mind how high you are hanging the bag.

Solar Shower Benefits

As for the shower time and the time needed to heat the water, it varies depending on how you use the shower. But, if you open up the valve and let the stream flow continuously, it can go for as long as 5-7 minutes.

The materials are heat-locking and only take two to three hours of sunlight to heat the water. It never gets super hot, but it gets more than enough warm, reaching up to 60 degrees Celsius.

There is no water temperature gauge, no built-in mirror or pockets, but it gets the job done with no problem and is very flexible and easy to store. If you want simplicity and quality, the Coleman Solar Shower is perfect for you.

The price is also great – you can get the Coleman Shower for merely $22. Sure, you don’t get some features that you are getting from some more luxurious models, but it will still provide you with a warm, cozy shower outdoors – which is what it’s meant to do in the first place.

PGYFIS Solar Shower Bag

This lightweight solar shower is a great budget pick for you, having many great features at a very low price. When you see the design, it resembles the Advanced Elements showers. That is the best comparison, too, because it has most of the same features as the Advanced Element shower does.

Solar Shower Features

The filling valve is very big, making it easy to fill, and it is made of high-quality PVC materials and fabric, all safe for your health and nature.

The hose is a bit shorter though, so you have to find the correct spot to hang the shower from to get the best effect. It has an on/off switch, though, so you’ll be able to save water and use the shower multiple times with only one filling. To add to it, the hose is detachable, so you can put in a longer hose if you think you need it.

There are pockets for storing soap and other things you might need, which can come in very handy as storage space as well. There’s also a temperature indicator to help you know when the water is heated. The only downside is that it never actually gets hot, but rather warm, reaching between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius, in our experience.

Also, the bag doesn’t hold up the pressure as well as the Advanced Elements shower does. You’ll lose pressure as the tank empties, up to the point where you’ll have to squeeze the bag to get the last liter or two out of it.

Solar Shower Benefits

With all that being said, the price is remarkable when taking everything you get into consideration. Sure, it doesn’t have the same performance as some similar models, but costs half the price too, which makes it all worth it. You can get a 5-gallon shower for under $20. 

Therefore, all the things you might see as a downside aren’t deal-breakers, because the PGYFIS shower still works incredibly well.

You still get a nice warm shower with some great features, but at a price more reasonable than any other solar shower we’ve encountered. If you want the best quality/price ratio, you found it with this shower.

iDeep Camping Solar Shower

This one is for all the people with a distinct taste in style. The sky-blue color makes this shower pop, but being pretty isn’t the only thing this product is good for. The iDeep Camping Solar Shower holds 5 gallons of water – as all the other showers do too. It will provide you with enough water and enough pressure to take multiple showers from one tank, which is awesome, especially if you aren’t the only person planning to use it.

Solar Shower Features

The materials used are heat-saving for the tank, while the hose and showerhead are made from rubber and plastic, respectively. The bag is environmentally friendly and very durable, resistant to tears or bursts. There is also the built-in pocket and temperature indicator, which allows you to know the exact temperature of the after inside the tank.

However, while the materials this shower bag is made from do make it look incredible and stylish, they don’t heat the water as well as other models can heat it, nor does it save the heat quite as well.

The temperature can get to a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius and will lose that temperature if moved from the sunlight a bit faster than it would with some other models.

That doesn’t mean it still isn’t a very comfortable, cozy warm shower, but you should use it immediately after heating if you want the water to be as warm as possible. Also, it takes a bit longer for the water to heat to a certain level, needing 3 to 4 hours to heat on instead of 2-3 hours with other models.

However, the best feature of this solar shower is the shower head that has multiple options. Not only does it have an on and off valve as many other models do, but the showerhead provides you with several water flow levels, going from high to low.

Solar Shower Benefits

That is awesome for saving the water inside the tank and using it for several showers. So, if you need to rinse your hair, set the flow level to high. If you only need a quick body rinse, set it to low to save water.

Regardless of the water not getting as hot as it does in some other cases, this is still an awesome solar shower that probably looks better than any other model we’ve tried out.

It is easy to store and easy to use, and the price of $19 surely does help its case of being one of the best options out there on the market.

STEARNS Sun Shower 4

Now, if you’re looking for something different, but effective, you have to check out the STEARNS Sun Shower. While it does hold a bit less water than other models – only 4 gallons instead of 5 – the features and options it’s got make it as durable as any other model, maybe even more durable than some other options on the market.

Solar Shower Features

But, the reasons for this shower being extremely popular among camping lovers are plenty. First, the design is very modern and looks cool. The combination of gold and black makes it pop from the competition.

Also, the dimensions are a bit different from the rest, which improves the pressure of water when coming out of the shower, even though there is no pressure pump pedal or something like that.

One more great thing about this Solar shower is the fact that carrying less water means less weight, which is perfect for longer hikes or wandering in the woods, trying to find that perfect spot to make a campsite.

Even though it carries less water, though, the shower time you can get from one full tank is not shorter. You can get 5 to 7 minutes of a continuous stream from one tank, making it possible to take more than one shower with one filling.

The hose is made of rubber and is capped off with a plastic showerhead that has a simple on and off valve, allowing you to regulate the water flow as you please. The design of the bag keeps the stream pressure high for a long time too, losing pressure only at the very end of the shower, when there are only a few liters of water left.

Also, the water temperature can get as high as 60 degrees Celsius, which is quite great if you enjoy nice, hot showers.

Solar Shower Benefits

The downside of this bag we found the biggest is the carrying handle. While it is sturdy and reliable for carrying and hanging, it is not detachable, which can make it a bit more difficult to find the right place to hang the shower from. However, any disadvantage you can think of that this solar shower might have is completely irrelevant when you hear the price.

Usually, the shower costs $30, but there are currently deals available that can get you this awesome product for merely $19. When considering the quality/price ratio, this is one of the best options out there on the market.


The models we mentioned are our top picks in terms of price and quality, but there are many more options out there that you can explore. Some honorable mentions are the Frebw Shower Bag, ELECTRFIRE Camp Shower, and RuiMeer 5 Gallon Shower Bag.

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