Best Solar Lights For Driveway (2021 Review)

Looking for the best solar lights for your driveway can be exhausting. We spent dozens of hours combing through all of the options so you don’t have to.

Here is a summary of the best reviewed solar lights for your driveway:

Balhvit Glass Solar Lights OutdoorBest Overall4.7/5
Foxdott Solar Lights OutdoorBest Budget Option4.2/5
NEDED Solar Rock Lights Best Rock Light4/5
LITOM Solar Spotlights PROBest Spotlight4.8/5
GIGALUMI Solar Driveway Lights Best Contemporary4.2/5
LITOM Solar Driveway Lights Most Premium5/5
Solar Driveway Lights by JSOTMost Flexible4.5/5
UNNYLLY Solar Driveway LightsBest Small Option4.2/5
MAGGIFT 25 Lumen Solar LightsBest Classic Option4.6/5

Keep reading for more information on each of the solar light products we reviewed. We rounded up review, specifications, and lot of others details about each solar light.

How We Choose The Best Solar Lights For Your Driveway

Decorating your driveway, garden, patio, or walkway has never been as easy as now. What 20 years ago would have been a luxury for most people around the world is now readily available at competitive prices on websites like Amazon, ready to be delivered straight to your doorstep in a couple of days or weeks.

Not only decorations, but functional house items are also available at the click of a button. This has the advantage of allowing us to choose the best products. But due to the wide range available online, the danger of getting scammed or just ordering a flat out bad product is also present.

In this article, we compiled a list of the best solar landscape lights so that we can provide you with a thorough list of different options and also help you avoid the bad stuff you can find online. If you are interested in lighting your garden up with renewable energy, read on for a list of the best solar landscape lights!

Best Solar Lights For Your Driveway

Balhvit Glass Solar Lights Outdoor – Best Overall

There are hundreds, if not thousands of solar outdoor lights to choose from online. And oftentimes one might not even know which criteria to look at when choosing a set for their home. Sometimes these criteria don’t even matter at all. What matters is a general quality, an overall good rating, and performance of the product.

Product Features

Most people will not look into the exact specs of the landscape lights they buy. The brightness, materials, countries of material import, etc. may not be as important. They would much rather just buy a product which is the best overall. These would probably be things like affordability, style, brightness, and build quality amongst others. 

In this section of our article, we will be looking at the product which, in our opinion, deserves to be at the top of the list on the “overall” category. We chose this product since it has the most balanced and wide-ranging set of specs and features.

Further on in the text, we will not distinguish all driveway lights in separate categories. But the overall best winner definitely deserves a dedicated section. Though it is quite obvious from the name, for the overall category, we chose the product which performs well in all the aforementioned aspects. 

The winner of the “best overall” category is the Balhvit Glass Solar Lights Outdoor. This is due to it having the most balanced buildup of all lamps we have tested. It is an absolute stunner. And there is also quite a lot to say about it. That shouldn’t be surprising, seeing as it won this category. 

These lights come in a package of 2, 4, or 8 lights, depending on your requirements. And they also come in two different colors, which are warm and cool white. The most distinctive feature of this product is the transparent component. It lets the light through is made of glass instead of the more commonly used plastic.

This way it is not only more durable. But also has a longer lifespan than other products when it comes to light clarity. You have definitely seen plastic gone yellow or milky over some time on such outdoor lamps. This results in lower brightness, a worse aesthetic, and ultimately, a need to either buy new lamps or replace the plastic. 

Product Benefits

Not only is the most crucial part of this lamp made of glass, but it also has a honeycomb design, which gives it a really stylish look. Now, depending on your personal preference and style, you might like simple, plain, no-design lights. But we really enjoyed the view of the honeycomb design. It is more fun and intriguing in our opinion than the simple, flat light of most lamps.

Not only is the glass honeycomb textured, but it is also curved. This makes for a beautiful and interesting design on the floor when the lamp is turned on. 

This lamp also turns on automatically when it is nighttime and turns off when it senses the daytime. This will protect you from unnecessarily running your lamp and ruining your battery life.

These lamps, just like all the others on this list, are solar-powered. This means that you won’t be needing any cables or batteries, just the light of the sun. The lamp can get a full charge on 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. And it will work for up to 12 hours on that amount of energy. The lamp is also affordable and has a great build quality. This is just more reason for you to consider ordering them. 

We never recommend the purchasing of any product without testing it first, since we believe that to be disingenuous. Our experience with this product has been nothing but positive. From the delivery, which was fast, to the build quality and the looks of the lamps, everything was in order as we expected it to be.

The lamps didn’t always last until morning. But that might be because now, in the winter, nights are longer than 12 hours, which makes it quite hard for the lamps to keep up. All-in-all, it is a very good product, well worthy to be at the top of our list. If you are interested in it and consider purchasing it, check out this link which will take you to the product page on Amazon.

Foxdott Solar Lights Outdoor – Budget Pick

As we have mentioned earlier, most people don’t look at too many different aspects of a landscape light product before buying it. The main point is overall good quality. However, if there is another large category we can divide all the customers into, the group would be the budget category. Many people don’t really need a very fancy, good-looking, high-end, high-performance, special product. But much rather a decent product which will not affect the looks of their garden negatively, but also won’t break the bank. 

It is clear that with budget category options, you don’t have as many features or as cool designs as you would with a more expensive alternative. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the budget pick be of somewhat lower quality than some other products. However, the budget category doesn’t mean low quality. We tried to pick a product that is the best of both worlds. It provides great affordability without compromising the quality of the product itself. 

Product Features

For the Budget Pick category, our winner is the Foxdott Solar Lights Outdoor. If you are looking for the typical, budget-friendly but also quality outdoor solar lights, this product is for you. The classic fox dot design is one that will never be seen missing from the gardens of many homes. This is because it is a tried and true design with not much missing. 

The solar power technology also makes it a fully autonomous device. This doesn’t require any wiring or constant battery switches. So you get the same convenience you would with the other products on this list.

A great addition to this device is the fact that though it is a budget, classic fox dot lamp, the design is somewhat different, and we would say it is better than the classic one. The PP plastic which holds the bulb isn’t just an evenly rounded cylinder. It has a design that makes the light coming from the bulb form a really interesting, somewhat geometrical shape.

This means that you don’t have to say goodbye to good style and intriguing design just because the product is a budget one. 

The lights come in a package of 12. This still cost less than ordering a single light from many places, so this truly is a budget option. However, you don’t have color differences or choices, so the simple, white light you get is all there is.

Product Benefits

We have tested this product as well, and we actually ordered two packages, just for extra safety in our recommendation. Altogether, we received 24 landscape lights. Then we proceeded to place in the garden in the morning so it could fill up with energy from the sunlight it gets all day.

One of the smaller issues is that some lamps didn’t last as long as others in the morning. But the reason that is a smaller issue is that that might happen due to the different amount of light each individual lamp gets depending on the angle of the Sun’s rays and the shadows which might cover some of them.

Nevertheless, the lamps looked really nice. They were very easy to set up and put in the ground. And for the price they come at, we would definitely give them their five stars. Check it out on this link to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing them!

NEDED Solar Rock Lights Outdoor

The following products on this list will not be placed into any specific category. Since we believe that the best product overall and the budget choice are the two main groups we can place products in. The rest would be too specific and also unnecessary.

All the other lights on this list are the best products we have tested. And which deserve a place due to one or more aspects or features they have. 

The lights with some of the best designs we have seen are the NEDED Solar Rock Lights Outdoor. This device isn’t cheap really. Since one of these costs more than twelve of the previously mentioned fox dot lamps. But if you really want to have a stylish and cool garden which looks all-natural, there might not be a better product for you not only on this list but also on the internet!

Product Features

The design component distinguishing these lamps from all others is the fact that the lamp itself looks like a stone. With a garden full of greens, rocks, and flowers, placing a couple of these lamps here and there will not even go noticed in the day. This is due to their appearance. But at night, they will be the stars of the show. 

The external design layer which looks like a rock is made of resin, so it is resistant and waterproof. Aside from being durable, this material enables the solar panels to be hidden relatively well. So they won’t stand out too much and ruin the natural look of your garden.

The plastic lamp body is also perfectly hidden. So the only thing that stands out will be the beautiful light it gives off at night. 

Product Benefits

We ordered 4 of these rock lights to test them. And though one of them was faulty upon arrival. We got a replacement within 2 weeks, with no fuss. That was something we were really pleased about.

The lamps really blended into our garden’s look. And we had no reliability problems or any other sort of problems with the lamp. The only problem we see that could happen with these lamps is kicking them over accidentally while mistaking them for rocks.

Check out these cool rock lights by clicking on this link to Amazon!

LITOM 30 LEDs Outdoor Solar Landscape Spotlights PRO

If you are looking for modern lights that look great and are Amazon’s Choice products as well as affordable and of high quality, the LITOM 30 LEDs Outdoor Solar Landscape Spotlights PRO is the best product for you. With an adjustable head and a separately adjustable solar panel, there is no place the sun won’t reach this lamp and power it up. Regardless of where you want the lamp to shine. 

Product Features

There are four adjustable lighting settings on this device. You can alternate between high and low settings as well as warm white and cool white color settings. On the high setting, it can have a lighting range of up to 172 square feet. This will most likely meet any possible lighting needs you come up with.

On the same high lighting setting, you can have it run for up to 6 hours. While on a low setting, it can work for 12 hours without a problem. The high-powered LED lights, which are plated with silver to avoid corrosion and increase product lifespan, are easily able to provide a lot of light while consuming barely any electrical energy. This is why they are one of the best choices for your driveway. 

Product Benefits

After testing it, we concluded that these lamps might be the brightest ones of all we have teste. This is great news considering the fact that these lamps aren’t even crazy expensive. It is no wonder the product is an Amazon’s Choice product.

The only reason we didn’t have this lamp as the best one overall is due to the design. This is somewhat too modern and futuristic in our opinion compared to most people’s garden tastes. Check it out here on Amazon!

GIGALUMI Solar Driveway Lights Outdoor

One of our personal favorites on this list is the GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor. It is a great option for those who are more into the vintage, classical lamps. They are almost romantic and deep-looking additions to your garden. It is also an Amazon’s Choice product. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since it has all you would want from a high-quality, good looking landscape lamp. 

Product Features

Aside from the glass, the solar panel, and the spike at the bottom, the whole product has a beautiful, bronze finish. This really fits in well with the green and gray of most gardens, and also looks wonderful under trees.

The bronze color is one of those colors which only accentuates the beauty of its natural surroundings. So you can’t go wrong with it. At the same time, a garden with only green grass can also be elevated by adding these beautifully designed lamps. 

The glass also has a gorgeous design, thanks to the bronze-colored brackets on the glass which block out the light in an artistic pattern, and the slight honeycomb-like design of the glass itself.

The lamp also glows with a warm white light, which really fits the antique style of the product and the vibe it is trying to give off.

Product Benefits

Aside from its beauty, there are many other positive things to talk about concerning this product, since it is reliable, water-resistant, made of stainless steel, and is also affordable compared to the quality you are getting.

We never had any problems with the lamps staying on for long enough or perhaps just not working, and this is the product we tested for the longest time, so there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

If there was a value-for-money category, there is a good chance this would be the winner. Check it out here on Amazon!

Outdoor Solar Driveway Lights by JSOT

These Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights by JSOT are the lights with one of the most interesting designs, but not the same way as the rock-camouflage one did. These are modern lights with a modern shape which definitely stands out, which is one of the reasons we have included them on our list. 

Product Features

Generally speaking, when we talk about modern landscape lights, we talk about the fox dot styled ones, the LED lights we talked about earlier from LITOM, or perhaps the one with the stone camouflage.

This product, however, makes your garden/yard/pathway look like a real millionaire’s driveway. Thanks to its tilted head design, you can actually place this almost anywhere you want, may that be on the ground, on some wall, or perhaps on the roof of your garage.

The strong LED lights are capable of lighting up relatively large spaces, and the cool white color gives off an expensive vibe, which many customers would appreciate. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the cool white light, you can switch to a warm setting to set the mood for a nighttime grill party or other events.

Product Benefits

This product was the other contender when it came to the brightest light we are testing, so you can rest assured knowing that lighting power will not be a problem for you.

As soon as we took it out of the box, we knew we were holding a product which is built really well, and we can recommend this product with complete confidence, knowing you won’t have any problems with reliability either.

Check out this product on Amazon as well if you are interested by clicking on this link!

LITOM Solar Driveway Lights Outdoor

Since the LITOM company makes pretty darn amazing lighting products, we cannot finish the list without mentioning at least one more of their products. This LITOM Solar Pathway Light set is a great option if you are looking for a product that will look stylish, modern, and somewhat minimalistic at the same time. Oh, and you won’t have to sacrifice lighting power for that either.

Product Features

One of the most interesting features of this product comes from its lighting modes. Usually, if you have a higher quality product that is also somewhat modern, you can switch between lighting modes like “low setting” and “high setting”. However, this product takes it one step further.

There is a lighting mode available called “Gradual Breathing Mode”, which is one of the most interesting features we have tested on a lamp so far.

What it does is basically mimic a breathing motion, with the lighting power gradually increasing and then decreasing over time to provide the visual illusion of a breathing lamp. This is a feature that really stands out, and it can be the best option if you want to throw a nighttime party in your garden and want to make it just that bit more special.

Product Benefits

Same as with the other LITOM products, reliability is not a problem and neither is light strength and after we have tested these lights, we can state this with even more confidence.

The only problem you will be facing with these lights is how many times you will have to answer your guests’ questions about where you bought them, other than that, if the simplistic design is your piece of cake, we highly recommend it.

You won’t be disappointed. Check it out here on Amazon!

UNNYLLY Solar Driveway Lights

Another product with an interesting design, the UNNYLLY Solar Pathway Lights are the best option for someone with a taste in geometrical shapes. The simple rectangular prism (french fries) shape is unusual, but in a good way. 

Product Features

These lights also use LEDs, which means that your lights will last longer and also work with low power consumption, low enough that the solar panels on top of the lights can easily charge the lights for up to 10-12 hours of lighting time.

One of the other really attractive features of this product is that for a relatively low price, you can get 12 pieces, which will likely be more than enough to light most driveways or gardens. 

Product Benefits

We only had one issue with these lamps, and that was that upon arrival, 2 out of the 12 lamps weren’t working, but just as with the other lamps, we got a replacement in a short period of time, so it wasn’t a big deal.

It was really simple to install them, and we got about 10 hours of working LED lighting out of a full day of charging, which is not bad at all. If you are looking for a quick and efficient solution to lighting your garden walkway, these UNYLLY Solar Pathway Lights might be your best option!

Check it out here by clicking this link to Amazon!

MAGGIFT 25 Lumen Solar Powered Lights

Though we have had great products from the vintage and antique-looking to the most modern of lights, we haven’t had a light which was as bright as many modern lights (if not brighter) and is also extremely fashionable and has an old-time feel. That is why we included the MAGGIFT 25 Lumen Solar Powered Pathway Lights, aside from the fact that it is a great looking product with the Amazon’s Choice badge on it to assure you of quality.

Product Features

With a simple assembly process, you can get a glass and stainless steel, antique-looking set of lights on your driveway or your garden if you purchase this product.

The warm yellowish-white color it gives off compliments the bracket’s design, creating a beautiful lighting design visible on the floor. Aside from the black colored stainless steel’s great looks, it also is a great option due to its durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Product Benefits

These lamps were amongst our favorites as well, since the warm light they give off, paired with the design of the bracket and the physical product itself creates a really pleasant atmosphere.

The assembly was a little bit more difficult than it would be with most modern products, which usually come already assembled, but after about 25 minutes we had all 6 we ordered fully assembled and ready for use.

They lasted about 8 hours, though one of them held on for about 9 and a half, after a whole day of charging in the Sun.

If durability and style are the most important aspects of such lamps for you, you should definitely check these out on Amazon by clicking on this link!

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