Best Solar Flood Light

What is it? AmeriTop 128 LED Flood Light

Why do I recommend it? Amazon is flooded with Chinese knockoffs, but the AmeriTop solar flood light has stood its ground. With more positive reviews than any other flood light available, this was an easy pick. Three separate lights give it 270 degrees of maximum vision with the tri-directional lighting.

Best Solar Path Light

What is it? Ollivage Solar Torch Flame Lights

Why do I recommend it? We recently moved over to these flickering flame lights as our recommendation due to the amazing 5-star reviews and the beautiful aesthetics. It does a great job of lighting up your paths. But, it also looks enchanting. This is a great option to spruce up your back yard for a low cost.

Best Solar Lantern

What is it? TomCare Solar Flickering Lantern

Why do I recommend it? This 2-pack of bronze oil hanging lanterns provides just enough warm light for a small area while creating an elegant ambiance. It can be hung on trees or placed on a table. It’s portable and the solar battery lasts up to eight hours on a single charge.

Best Solar Flag Pole Light

What is it? Deneve Widebody Flag Pole Light

Why do I recommend it? This was another easy pick. Th Deneve flag pole light has twice the brightness of the next best option. And it has three times the energy storage as the next available option. So it will stay lit longer and brighter to make sure your flag is waving proudly in the night.

Best Portable Solar Battery

What is it? Blavor Portable Solar Power Bank

Why do I recommend it? This type of product is highly commoditized, so it’s hard to tease out the feature differences. I went on price and reviews here. The Blavor product has the most 4/5 star reviews of any other product and is reasonably priced. Based on the reviews, it is staying around for a while and you’ll have a good experience with the company.