Best Smart Thermostats

What is it? Ecobee Smart Thermostat and Wireless Sensor

Why do I recommend it? It has the best analytics, smart nudges, and algorithms on the market. The Google Nest is 80% marketing and 20% product engineering. The ecobee thermostats have consistently outperformed the Nest with each iteration.

Best Home Energy Monitors

What is it? Sense Energy Monitor

Why do I recommend it? This system uses current transformers to measure your energy usage at your main load. You can compare your solar generation against your energy usage side by side and make data driven decisions about battery sizing.

Best Smart Lighting

What is it? Phillips Hue White Ambiance

Why do I recommend it? There are many competitors on the market. But none of them have the staying power of Phillips. The Hue light bulb lasts the longest, pairs with nearly everything, and doesn’t muster up a legitimate complaint from hundreds of thousands of customers.

Best Smart Power Strips

What is it? Kasa Smart Power Strip

Why do I recommend it? Similar to the Phillips Hue light bulb, the Kasa Smart Power Strip was a first mover in the market. It has tens of thousands of customers and has had the most time to perfect the design. It works well with Alexa and Google Voice, so pick your poison.

Best Car Charging Stations

What is it? JuiceBox 40 Next Gen EV

Why do I recommend it? This was a hard one. I originally wanted to go with ChargePoint, but their massive expansion has let their service slip. Meanwhile, JuiceBox is an up and comer that is bringing a best-in-class technology with a great mobile experience. The service is top notch and the reviews are standing behind this product.