7 Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

A solar car battery charger will provide endless energy without draining your car battery. There are so many on the market that it’s difficult figuring out which are worth getting. We put together a detailed guide highlighting the seven best solar car battery chargers available.

Before getting into the details, here is a quick summary of the best solar car battery chargers.

Solar Car ChargerAwardRating
Suner Power Battery ChargerBest Overall4.8/5
Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery ChargerBest Runner Up4.5/5
Newpowa 30W Solar Car Charger Largest Capacity4.1/5
Sunway Solar Car Battery ChargerBest Budget Option4.5/5
Eco-Worthy 5W 12V Solar Panel Kit for Car BatteriesBest Value Option4.2/5
POWOXI Solar Car Battery ChargerLongest Lasting4.9/5
BLSOLAR2 2.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger and MaintainerFastest Charging4.1/5

Maybe you’ve never considered buying a solar car battery charger; perhaps you’ve browsed online but were overwhelmed by the choices. We set out with a simple goal in mind: find the best solar car battery chargers on the market. 

How We Reviewed And Rated The Best Solar Car Chargers

We are serious about how we review clean energy products. Our goal is to make the world a little greener every day. It starts with recommending the best green product available.

With that in mind, here is our rigorous process for reviewing the best solar car chargers:

  1. We eliminate any product that doesn’t meet our customer review requirements. There must be over 50 reviews in total. It must have over 4 stars on average. And the reviews have to be legit.
  2. The solar car charger has to have a good return policy. Period.
  3. We look for common issues in the reviews. Serious issues will eliminate the product from contention.
  4. The products have to pass our quality test. They need high battery capacities and long lasting charging capabilities.
  5. Then we look at price. We buy green products, too. So we make sure they make good financial sense for you.

Best Solar Car Chargers Review

Best Overall: Suner Power Battery Charger

Rating: 4.8/5

The Suner Power Battery Charger is positively reviewed and rated all across the interwebs. This charger is an excellent choice for those first dipping their toes into the world of solar battery charging. Suner built this battery charger with a blocking diode that prevents reverse discharge, so you can be confident the Suner is doing its job at all times. The Suner also has reverse protection, making sure you don’t overcharge your battery.

The Suner Power Battery Charger is also incredibly versatile. The clamps can connect it directly to your battery, or the cigarette outlet function allows you to charge your car without even opening the hood! The Suner Power Battery Charger is great for anything from cars to boats to motorcycles — the works!


  • Versatile: connect to cigarette outlet or to the battery itself.
  • Compact: take the Suner Power Battery Charger with you anywhere — it’s compact but strong!
  • Best of trickle chargers: the Suner Power Battery Charger is an excellent trickle charger because of two functions. The blocking diode prevents reverse discharge, and the reverse protection makes sure the battery isn’t overcharged.
  • Easy to use: excellent for amateurs with absolutely no auto mechanical experience.
  • Customizable wattage: order the wattage you need. Comes in 2.6W, 4W, 6W, 8W, 12W, and 14W.
  • Durable and Sturdy: the Suner Power Battery Charger lasts a long time and can take hefty loads. You can use it for frisbee practice, and it will still charge your car just fine!


  • Somewhat heavy: even though the Suner Power Battery Charger is compact, it’s still a bit heavy.
  • Lower wattage leads to slower charging.

At the end of the day: The Suner Power Battery Charger is one of the highest-rated solar car battery chargers on the market and for a good reason. There’s very little fault to find in this compact little hero: it’s affordable, effective, and long-lasting.

Best Runner Up: Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger

Rating: 4/5

The Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger is a superb choice for a top-of-the-line solar car battery charger. The name says it all: this magnetic solar battery charger is easier to install than any of the picks on our list. Because it’s magnetic, simply place the Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger on the hood and — whamo! — it’s installed.

Duravolt initially designed this charger for trailers, and the Duravolt brand is well-known in boats, but the Duravolt will work well for your car as well. The magnets are strong enough that you can drive with the Duravolt installed, and it won’t slip. The stronger-than-some Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger is perfect for giving you a speedy top-off when you’re in need.


  • Incredibly easy to install: as we said, just place the Duravolt on the hood, and you’ve installed it.
  • Lightweight: the Duravolt is really thin and lightweight, easy enough to bring on any trip you take or keep with you in your car.
  • Magnetic: the super-powerful magnets on the Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger are out of this world. Drive on the highway; the Duravolt will stay plastered to your car!
  • Duravolt offers discounts to seniors and veterans: a company of the people and for the people.


  • Fragile: because the Duravolt is somewhat lightweight and semi-flexible, the solar panels can be damaged. Be careful you don’t try to bend the Duravolt too far because you won’t like what you see.
  • The Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger doesn’t have a voltage regulator, so you should be careful when charging, so you don’t overcharge.
  • Price: this item is one of the most expensive on our list.

At the end of the day: The Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger may be more expensive than some, but in many ways, it pays itself off. Providing a faster charge with almost no hassle, the Duravolt Magnetic Solar Battery Charger is an excellent lightweight solar car battery charger from a reliable American company.

Largest Capacity: Newpowa 30 W Solar Charger

Rating: 3.9/5

Designed with RVs in mind, the Newpowa 30 W is an extremely sturdy choice for those with the long-term in mind. The Newpowa was intended to be permanently attached to RVs. As such, it can withstand any weather. With 30W of charge, the Newpowa can even charge up your battery from dead. Still, you need to be very careful about this, as that kind of power can overwhelm a battery, and you never want to overcharge your car battery.

The Newpowa 30W Solar Panel is, as the name suggests, just a solar panel mounted on some fiberglass. Because it’s a standard solar panel, this instrument picks up the sun’s maximum charging power. That said, this solar panel is quite heavy, and it can be a hassle to bring it in and out of storage when you want to top off your battery.


  • For the price, this panel is unrivaled. Offering the most charge for the least money on our list, the Newpowa 30W Solar Panel is worth your consideration.
  • Lasts for years in all elements: waterproof, snowproof, and dirtproof, this solar panel is made to last. You can be confident that you won’t need to reinvest for years to come.
  • It comes with a charge controller, which ensures your 12V car battery will get the charge it deserves


  • Heavy. The Newpowa 30W is certainly not a lightweight, either in wattage or in weight class. Unless you’re mounting this permanently to your RV, be prepared for some discomfort and annoyance as you drag the solar panel in and out of storage.
  • Not as easy to install as some. Compared to the ease of the Duravolt, using the Newpowa 30W can feel like performing a five-act play. With some familiarity, however, the Newpowa 30W is easy enough to use.

At the end of the day: The Newpowa 30W packs a punch in the market of solar car battery chargers because it is so strong. A simple solar panel mounted to fiberglass, the Newpowa 30W can bring your battery up from dead (though it will take a while) or quickly top off your healthy battery. If you don’t mind the weight, this is an excellent choice.

Best Budget Option: Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger

Rating: 4.5/5

The Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger represents the healthy middle of the line of our chargers. It has many things to like about it and few downsides, making it a terrific choice, especially if the price is a major consideration.

The interesting shape of the Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger makes it fit perfectly on your dash. The long, rectangular shape means that more of the panels catch the sun when charging. The cigarette outlet adapter means that the Sunway can charge your battery without you even having to remove it from its spot in the engine. Though the wattage is low, the Sunway is an excellent trickle charger that can top you up just as well as any other.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry. The Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger is extremely easy to carry around because of the shape and size. Take the Sunway with you on any trip with total ease and be confident that you can top off your battery in a pinch.
  • The price! For all that we like about the Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger, the price is impressive. It beats almost all of its competitors in this aspect.
  • The cigarette outlet adapter makes charging easy.
  • It is shaped to get maximum sun on the dashboard of a car. 


  • The Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger is lightweight in more ways than one. The wattage is low, meaning the battery will charge slower than others.
  • Sunway advertises this charger as being able to mount easily onto the windshield of a car, but some have found these suction cup mountings less than ideal. The problem is that this charger only has two suction cups, whereas most of its competitors have four. This means less-than-reliable stickage.

At the end of the day: The Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger is an affordable option with a lot of pros. Though it may lack in minor ways, if you want an affordable, easy-to-use, efficient trickle charger, you won’t likely need to look any further than the Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger.

Best Value Option: Eco-Worthy 5W 12V Solar Panel Kit for Car Batteries

Rating: 4.2/5

If you’re in the market for a very small and very affordable car battery charger, consider the Eco-Worthy 5W Solar Panel Kit. This charger is the smallest item on our list, weighing in at under a pound. Still, it is an excellent choice for emergency car charging, especially during camping or when far away from any other power source.

The Eco-Worthy Solar Panel Kit, because it’s so lightweight, is not as durable as others. It’s probably best if you’re going to use it for emergencies only. If you’re going to use it often, you may want to go with one of the more durable items on our list. 


  • Extremely lightweight and compact. You can place the Eco-Worthy in the smallest nook or cranny, and it will fit. This is excellent if you’re someone who tends to overpack and wouldn’t be able to find room for one of the larger solar panels.
  • The price! Once again, this is a great selling point. The price is awesome.
  • The cigarette outlet adapter makes charging easy.
  • It comes with four suction cups for easy mounting.


  • Quality of charge. Some have complained that the Eco-Worthy doesn’t hold up when it comes to charge. If your area doesn’t have ample direct sun, you may want to consider a more powerful option.
  • Reverse discharge can occur with the Eco-Worthy. This is because the Eco-Worthy has an LED and a resistor inside. If you remove these items, reverse discharge will not occur.

At the end of the day: The Eco-Worthy is worthy of praise for in-emergency users of solar car battery chargers. Though it doesn’t hold up as well in the long term and the charge will be slower, the Eco-Worthy cannot be beaten in terms of weight and price.

Longest Lasting: POWOXI Solar Car Battery Charger

Rating: 4.9/5

The POWOXI Solar Car Battery Charger may be your new best friend. ItI was made for those on the road, and the amorphous solar panel speaks to this. This solar car battery charger will charge your car battery in all kinds of weather, whether the weather is cloudy or sunny. The charger is also incredibly durable: it is waterproof and resistant to wear and tear.

This option represents some of the best the industry has to offer: the barrier diode on the POWOXI prevents discharge, and the 3.5W is perfect for trickle charging your car battery. It also comes with alligator clamps and a cigarette outlet adapter, making it easy to use. Finally, the POWOXI comes with a 1-year warranty, meaning your quality solar panel is guaranteed when purchasing the POWOXI.


  • The POWOXI Solar Car Battery Charger has some of the best user reviews of any of the items on our list. This speaks to its affordability, reliability, and durability.
  • The price! The price is excellent for what this solar car battery charger can do. 
  • The cigarette outlet input makes charging easy.
  • The amorphous solar panel really works in all weather. If it is always cloudy or rainy where you live, the POWOXI can still deliver magnificent charge. 
  • Easy to install. Mounting with suction cups is easy as can be with the POWOXI Solar Car Battery Charger.


  • If we had to pick a con, it would probably be that the POWOXI doesn’t come in fun colors. Seriously, though, the POWOXI Solar Car Battery Charger has almost no cons! If you’re looking for a middle-weight trickle charger, you’ve found the right one.

At the end of the day: The POWOXI Solar Car Battery Charger does it all. It’s perfect for all weather, easy to use, super affordable, and one of the highest-rated solar panels on the market. This is my number one pick.

Fastest Charging: BLSOLAR2 2.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger

Rating: 4.1/5

If you want a really low-profile choice, consider the BLSOLAR. At just 2.5 Watts, this wafer-thin, lightweight option from the minds of NOCO is an affordable option for the occasional user. 

The BLSOLAR2 2.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger was made with the clouds and the rain in mind, so this is what it’s optimal for. The reverse diode prevents reverse discharge and the wattage is so low that overcharging will never be a problem. The BLSOLAR may take a while to charge up your battery, but this is an excellent option if you’re going to be out in the clouds with no outlets on hand.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry. The BLSOLAR is compact and thin as a disk, making it very easy to mount on the inside of your car. 
  • Affordable. If you’re going to use a solar panel only occasionally, this is a good one to consider.


  • Not optimal for extreme heat and direct sun. Many people think when they buy a solar panel that the best thing for it is direct sun. This is not always the case, as demonstrated by BLSOLAR2. Because this product is best in overcast conditions, hot desert sun conditions can fry the plate and explode the glass.
  • Weaker charge than some. Coming in at just 2.5 Watts, you had better not have plans if you want to charge your battery with the BLSOLAR2: charging will take a while.

At the end of the day: The BLSOLAR2 is the most exceptional of the unexceptional. If you don’t want to break the bank on a new solar panel, or if you’re only planning on charging your car battery with a solar panel once in a blue moon, this is a great charger for you. Lightweight design means it’s very handy to install.

Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

Solar car battery chargers do precisely what their name implies. They provide energy to your car by utilizing that great energy source in the sky, the sun. 

Because the sun is the source of power, where you are in the world matters when considering a solar car battery charger. Brighter conditions will be better when considering buying a solar car battery charger.

Solar Car Battery Charger Features

Most of the time, a solar car battery charger will include attachments for a cigarette outlet adapter and alligator clips, which will allow you to charge your battery in whatever way is most convenient for you. Other standard features are:

  • Mounting capabilities. Whether it’s suction cups or hooks, almost all motor vehicle solar car battery chargers will come with mounting capabilities.
  • Blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge. Sometimes smaller, lower-wattage solar panels won’t have the blocking diode, but this is okay — reverse discharge will be minimal.

Benefits Of A Solar Car Battery Charger

A solar car battery charger is an awesome choice for topping up your battery, and as such, we commend you for considering it. Here are the pluses of having a solar car battery charger.

  • Free energy. The sun provides free energy for the taking, so we might as well use it! The solar car battery charger will do that for us.
  • Cheaper. A solar panel can last a long time — as long as 25 years. Because most of the items on our list go for under a hundred dollars, this is an awesome investment. Much cheaper than the electricity required to charge with a traditional wall outlet.
  • Portable and mobile. Unlike a wall outlet, the solar panel can go with you anywhere. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have your portable solar panel with you, you can charge your car.

Drawbacks Of A Solar Car Battery Charger

As with most positives, there are some negatives. Here are some things to consider about solar car battery chargers.

  • Trickle chargers. Almost all solar car battery chargers are trickle chargers, which means that they won’t be able to start up your battery from dead. They are almost always used to top off a battery rather than to bring it from 0 to 100.
  • Solar energy is slower than wall energy. Be prepared to wait for a long time for a similar charge. The solar panel just doesn’t charge as fast as a similarly priced wall outlet charger, and some users get frustrated and give up altogether.
  • The solar panel can be fragile. Depending on the product you buy, users have reported solar panels that are easily broken. Be careful about this when considering a solar panel, as very few warranties cover accidental damage.

Shopping For Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

There are a few basic things to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new solar car battery charger. The first thing to consider is the kind of environment you’re in. If you’re in a very sunny climate, like Arizona or Nevada, you may need to think about having a more durable option, like the Suner Power Battery Charger. If you’re in, say, northern Pennsylvania and haven’t seen the sun in three years, you’ll want to buy a panel built for cloudy conditions.

Another thing to keep in mind is how often you plan on using your solar panel. Once again, durability is more important the more you use your panel. If, on the other hand, you’re only going to break out the solar panel on the rarest of occasions, you can do with a less durable, more affordable charger.

Consider also what you’re going to need your charger for. Most of the solar car battery chargers on this list are trickle chargers, meaning they won’t be able to resuscitate your battery from dead but are rather designed to top you off. If you’re the person who lets the car die, you’ll need to break out the big guns like the Newpowa 30W Solar Panel.

Tips For Using a Solar Car Battery Charger

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a solar car battery charger.

  • Never have the ignition ON when charging your battery. Though the cigarette outlet adapter on many of these solar car battery chargers makes it seem like you can charge the battery while the engine is running, you cannot. The engine must be off.
  • Consider purchasing a controller if the solar car battery doesn’t already come with it. In short, a controller prevents reverse discharge by acting as an on/off switch. If, for example, a dark cloud passes over the sun, charging will reduce significantly. If your solar panel doesn’t have a diode built in, this can lead to reverse discharge. For panels above 6W, a controller is usually recommended.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the panel. Especially for small solar panels, specks of dirt and grime can make a big difference. Be sure to regularly wipe down your solar panel to keep maximum charge efficiency.


There are many, many options to choose from when considering buying a solar car battery charger, from the small, low-wattage panels to the big, high-powered and durable ones. I hope this article has made your choice easier. Using a solar car battery charger is good for the environment and good for your wallet — a win-win! 

Though some of the panels we’ve rated had higher reviews than others, these seven panels truly represent the best of the best in the solar car battery charger market. All of these panels have overwhelmingly strong customer reviews and consumer reports. Each panel is different, but these seven represent the totality of options available to anyone searching for a reliable solar car battery charger.

You’ve made an excellent choice in considering a solar car battery charger. Now, with this research, I would advise you to make the jump. Solar energy is good for the environment and excellent for your bank account. Go in power!

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