5 Best Solar Powered House Numbers – 2021 Review

It’s nice to bring some light to your address to that it can be seen from the street even at night. Solar powered house numbers are a great way to make that happen.

Here’s a quick summary of the five best solar powered house numbers:

LeiDrail Solar House NumberBest Overall4.5/5
Sungath Solar Lit AddressBest Yard Option4.6/5
Rottogoon Solar Number SignBest Warm Light4.1/5
Forum Lighted House NumberBest Budget Option4.4/5
Solar House Number PlaqueMost Decorative4.3/5

Solar-powered house numbers allow you to provide a bright sign to help guide others to your home. They are environmentally friendly and extremely useful if you want your packages delivered to your house always.

Benefits Of Solar Powered House Numbers

If you live in a large neighborhood, it’s easy for someone to drive by your home without realizing it. You don’t want visiting family members or friends to spend hours searching for your home, or delivery men getting lost.

These solar-powered signs may seem unnecessary at first glance, but they can actually be useful to have. Once you decide to get one, you’ll wonder what took you so long to finally make the purchase. 

Solar House Lights Improve Curb Appeal

The vast majority of options available are attractive, so you don’t have a neon diner sign stapled onto your house. They seamlessly fit in with your overall house aesthetic, and in some cases, can even improve it. 

There are modern styles or more old school if that’s your cup of tea. Several companies offer customizable options so that you can adjust the styles to your taste. 

Good For The Environment

Being solar is also a massive plus. Your energy bill won’t see a cent increase from using one of these options, and you likely won’t have to pay attention to the sign for years after installation. It’s green, easy, and can work even during a power outage.

Energy Efficient And Cost Saving

Sometimes, an incident requires the police or an ambulance to get to your home fast. In Some life-threatening situations being able to quickly see your house can save you.

On a less serious note, delivery men getting lost trying to drop something off at your door are reduced. Trying to direct the pizza delivery driver to your house over the phone is a pain, and your pizza is only getting colder the longer it takes. 

Package delivery drivers will also have a much easier time finding you. This is especially beneficial if you have a long driveway or live in a confusing neighborhood. The drivers don’t have time to waste and may opt to delay your package rather than waste time searching. 

What Factors To Look For In Solar Lit Address Sign

It would be easy to just go and buy the first set of solar-powered house numbers you see, but there are several things to consider if you want yours to last and be effective. All of these factors should be in every option you see; otherwise, it’s time to look elsewhere. 


It doesn’t need to light up the whole street, but your numbers still need to be bright enough to see them easily. A dull sign is just as useful as no sign, which is to say not at all. 

Many options have various brightness levels, so pick the one most suited for you. If you tend to get a lot of fog in your area, especially at night, get one with a dim setting so that it can be clearly seen no matter the weather. 


These lights will be outside, and having to glue an umbrella to the top of it would look pretty ridiculous. It needs to have some level of resistance to water so that the first storm you get doesn’t ruin it. Luckily, we only recommend solar lights that are waterproof.


Water isn’t the only physical threat that these signs need to be resistant to. No one wants a sign that rusts quickly, so the best ones are made of rust-resistant materials. They also need to be sturdy enough to resist wind if that’s a more consistent issue at your home. 

There are things you could do to make the solar lights brighter over time. Simply cleaning the solar powered address lights can keep them working for years without having to change the solar batteries.

Battery Power

Your house number lights don’t necessarily have to last all night, but you don’t want them dying two hours after sunset. The lights should have enough battery storage to last through most of the night unless you tend to get visitors in the wee hours of the morning.

The best solar-powered house numbers should be able to last for around two days on a single full battery charge. Going less than this is fine, but the two-day options will never run out of juice during the night, even if they get a bad day of sunlight. 

Charging Time

How long it takes to fully charge your battery is highly important, especially if you live in a cloudy or shaded area. If it requires too long to charge, your lights will die much earlier than you want them to.

Ease Of Installation And Upkeep

While solar-powered house number lights are useful, it only serves the single function. No one wants to spend hours installing something this simple, so make sure whichever one you pick has a simple setup process. 

Unlike most other lights, the goal is not to worry about this sign ever again after installation. These solar-powered house number signs should be self-sufficient and require no additional upkeep. At most, they may require a new battery several years down the road. 

Motion Sensing (Optional)

This isn’t required, but a set of house number lights with a built-in motion sensor can be quite beneficial. The battery will only be drained when someone is close enough to see it, and the sudden appearance of light is more eye-catching than one that is permanently on. 

Some signs that have motion sensing options can be a little finicky. Busy roads can lead to accidental activation, and sometimes the sensor may not even work like it should. This doesn’t mean avoid motion sensing options; just be aware they aren’t perfect. 

5 Best Solar Powered House Numbers

These 5 were chosen based on the above criteria, and each has a set of pros or cons for each entry. However, just know that picking any of these options will be a good decision. Just find the one that best suits your situation. 

Best Overall Solar Powered House Number

LeiDrail House Numbers Solar Powered Address Sign

The LeiDrail is one of the best options available. It’s easily one of the most attractive options and can work in just about any environment. The only reason you shouldn’t get this is if you live in an area known for excruciating heat and excessive direct sunlight.


  • The solar panel used by the LeiDrail is amorphous, so direct or indirect sunlight will still work to charge it. This is great if you want to install it in a shady area or directly on the front porch where the sunlight can’t really hit it. 
  • The design is modern, with a metal frame outlining the white PVC board. This sign will look at home no matter where you decide to place it. 
  • It only takes 6 hours of daylight to fully charge, and it will remain lit for 8-10 hours, depending on the sunlight received. It also featured an advanced form of energy management, so everything will stay bright yet efficient.


  • This sign isn’t ideal if you have a long driveway or are far away from the road. It’s only efficient and visible if your house is directly on the street or if you have an apartment. 
  • People who live in hot sunny areas like Arizona should probably pass on this option. The sunlight tends to completely drown out the sign’s own light, and the excessive heat can cause damage over time. 

Best Yard Option Solar Powered House Number

Sungath Lighted House Address Numbers Sign

The Sungath is ideal for those long driveways or if your front door isn’t obvious from the street. It’s one of the easiest to install, and because you can place it right near the road, it’s almost impossible to miss. 


  • The installation couldn’t be easier. Find a nice patch of dirt, stab it into the ground, and add the solar panel to the top. You can have it up and running five minutes after you take it out of the box. 
  • It’s also extremely durable and waterproof. Even if you live in an area where it rains often or is simply damp or humid, you won’t have to worry about this sign. 
  • Energy management is one of the best on this list. The battery can run for two full days after being fully charged, and the brightness output automatically adjusts so that it’s brighter for the first six hours of darkness then a bit dimmer for the remaining four. 


  • Unfortunately for those Arizona residents again, but this sign doesn’t hold up well in the heat. If it’s placed somewhere with a bit of shade, it should be fine, but too much heat will ruin it. 

Best Warm Light Solar Powered House Number

ROTTOGOON Solar Powered Address Numbers Sign

If you want your sign to show a bit more personality, the ROTTOGOON is the best choice with a wide array of colors and lighting options to choose from. You can change it based on the holidays if you’re feeling festive or just simply your favorite color. 


  • Made from incredibly durable aluminum, you won’t have to worry about any wear or tear from the weather. Rust, snow, and rain won’t affect this sign, so you don’t need to do any maintenance after installation. 
  • You don’t need to manually control it once you have your settings figured out. The daylight sensor means that the sign turns off as the sun comes up, so the whole process is completely automated for you. 
  • Its battery is also similar to some of the best. After a full charge, it can shine for two full days. Luckily, it won’t even attempt to shine for that long, thanks to the daylight sensor. 


  • Some colors may be harder to discern in certain light levels. You will likely have to do some trial and error for the first couple of days to make sure that the sign is easily visible at all times. 
  • Like many other solar-powered house number signs, too much heat can be detrimental to the ROTTOGOON. If you live in a notoriously hot area, try to find some shade when choosing a place to install. 

Best Budget Option Solar Powered House Number

Forup Lighted Numbers

The Forup solar powered house number sign is the most versatile option available. You can set this sign up almost anywhere, and it even comes with a motion sensor if that’s an option you’d want to pursue. 


  • Whether you want it on your front porch or on your fence, it’s easy to mount the Forup wherever you want it to be. It hangs from a nail or screw, so the only requirement is a spot that can have a nail or screw inserted into it. 
  • It also features three different light modes to match your specific needs. Bright light if it needs to shine from a distance, dim light to show in thick fog or mist, and a motion sensor option so that it only works when it’s going to be useful. 
  • This option is also highly waterproof and resistant to the elements, so you shouldn’t worry.


  • Besides the main issue of not working in too much heat, the motion sensor can also be a bit annoying. An active street or neighborhood will have it flashing randomly when it doesn’t need to, and sometimes it might not even light up when you want it to. 

Most Decorative Solar Powered House Number

Solar House Number Plaque

The Solar House Plaque Number is the most reviewed option, and the vast majority of those are overwhelmingly positive. This sign takes many of the best features and combines them into a quality product. 


  • The Solar House Plaque Numbers sign is one of the most visually appealing and will look great no matter where you decide to put it. It has a very modern feel and will go well with just about any style of home. 
  • It can be staked into the ground or screwed into the wall, so setting it up anywhere you want would be a piece of cake. It’s one of the more versatile options for setting up anywhere you want. 


  • This sign has no real cons besides the aversion to extreme heat. Many of these solar-powered house number signs just aren’t equipped to handle intense heat, so if you live in an environment where that is the norm, you may have to look for alternate options. 

Tips for Using Solar Powered House Numbers Sign

While most of these signs are very easy to set up and require almost no maintenance afterward, there are still some things you should do beforehand before you even purchase the sign. They may seem a bit obvious, but you still shouldn’t skip them or you’ll have more trouble later. 

Pick A Great Installation Spot

This may seem obvious, but your choice is going to narrow your search margin by quite a bit. If you want your sign to be out in the yard, you’re going to need to find a sign that has stakes so that you can put it directly into the ground. 

If you want it on your front porch or in a shady area, you need to double-check and see just how much sunlight that area receives throughout the day. Most of these solar-powered signs are good at working off of minimal light, but they still need a certain amount to function properly. 

Remove Obstructions

This step is a bit situational, and it all depends on where you picked your spot. If you love the place you picked out, but there’s a massive tree branch blocking most of the sunlight, then you either need to change your spot or get rid of the branch.

The whole point of the sign is to be seen from the road, so if there’s anything blocking the view, you’ll have to remove it. This can be anything from a wayward bush, your mailbox, or even a porch decoration. You’ll need to move your sign or move the obstacle. 


Solar-powered house number signs can be incredibly useful and can do everything from getting your pizza to you faster or even shaving a few seconds off of emergency responders. Even your friends and family will have an easier time finding you if your house is a bit hard to find. 

There are many factors that should influence your decision making, and choosing which of those factors are most important to you should be an early part of the process. Those factors can lead you towards finding the perfect sign. 

While there are many different options available, the five mentioned above are some of your best bets. It all comes down to why you’re looking for one of these signs and where on your property you’re thinking of putting it. 


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