5 Best Solar Flower Lights Reviewed For 2021

Showing the full glory and beauty of your beloved garden is one of the best feelings as a plant enthusiast. Adding solar flower lights help bring out the beauty of your garden even at night.

Here are the five best solar flower lights we’ve reviewed for 2021:

Product NameAwardRating
FORUP Solar Garden Flower LightsBest Lily Flowers4.2/5
HeyMate Warm Flower LightsBest Cherry Blossoms4.4/5
HeyMate Flower Solar Garden LightsBest Purple Orchid4.3/5
Stakes Solar Garden LightsBest Rose Flowers4.3/5
Neporal Solar Garden Flower LightsBest Large Flower4.1/5

For those looking for a new way to light up their gardens, or a particular area in your home, solar flower lights are worth checking out. Let’s find out more about these light sources, as well as the best ones reviewed for 2021.

What Are Solar Flower Lights? 

While you can see a garden’s full glory during the daylight, that’s not the case when the sun goes down. Your best option for showcasing your garden at night is using a good light source. 

But what kind of light source would be the perfect match for a garden? A simple street lamp is not attractive. Besides using a lot of power, the light itself is too bright. Instead of a gorgeous place, your garden might look like a well-lit parking lot.

And that’s not the effect that a beautiful garden deserves. In the search for aesthetic light sources, a new type had emerged during the years: Solar Flower Lights. 

In its basic form, it is a strip or a bulb of LED inside an imitated flower structure. These flower frameworks are made with fabric and can change colors. When the bulb or the strip is on, it will illuminate the whole flower structure.

Its colors are based on LED settings. Most solar flower lights have options to change the color of the light emitted. They are waterproof and can light up automatically. 

Usages Of Solar Flower Lights

In most cases, these lights are positioned in pathways to light up the area. It can light up a decent amount of space, helping people see the paths and plants nearby. Other users would add these lights with their plants for automatic lighting during the night.

Since it is waterproof and rustproof, it can be left outside without additional adjustments. A fully charged solar flower light can last up to 8 hours. 

Solar flower lights have benefits that make gardeners’ lives easier. First of all, the installation is easy and quick. Second, it doesn’t require tons of maintenance to function fully.

And lastly, it doesn’t put a dent in your electric bill. These decorations charge via a solar panel attached to a battery, which is what the LED uses to light up the area. 

Do Solar Flower Lights Really Work? 

Just like any other solar-powered devices, flower lights don’t require grid electricity to work perfectly. However, it needs to gather enough energy from the sun to work. Each solar flower piece has its own solar panel.

After spending hours, days, and even months gardening, it’s just a natural reaction for gardeners to show their hard work.

Each panel can convert sunlight into electricity directly by an effect known as the photovoltaic effect. This electric charge will then get stored on a battery inside the flower. When the battery stores enough electricity, it can make the solar flower lights work.

Solar-powered flower lights work best during a hot day when the sun gives powerful sunlight. The solar panels can convert and store electricity faster and with more efficacy. When the sun goes down, the panels cannot convert any sunlight. When this happens, it is detected by the flower immediately. 

After the panels stopped converting sunlight, the solar-powered flowers will turn on automatically. During its run, it will consume the electricity charge stored inside the battery.

Eventually, the light will grow dimmer and dimmer until the charges have been used up. Typically, the battery can last throughout the night, about eight hours or more, depending on the battery capacity. 

When there is sunlight once again, the panels will resume charging the battery. LEDs will automatically turn themselves off. With this algorithm in place, you don’t have to worry about your lights after the initial installation.

As long as the battery, the solar panel, or the light bulbs are not damaged, it will continue turning itself on and off when the right conditions are met. 

5 Best Solar Flower Lights Reviewed

Best Lily Flower Solar Lights

FORUP Solar Garden Flower Lights – Outdoor Lily

FORUP offers a pack of Solar Garden Stake Flower Lights with different colors. Each stake has four flowers and four different colors: violet, blue, red, and pure white. This lily flower light option is made with plastic materials, making it more resistant to weathering effects. 

What makes this product a good choice for garden lights is its configurable color. You can easily change the theme and the ambiance of your garden without replacing your lighting. Additionally, the battery is 600 mAh, or about 6-8 hours of operating time when fully charged.

Best White Cherry Blossoms Solar Lights

HeyMate Warm Decorative Flower Lights

For those who like bigger flower lights in their yards, the Cherry Blossoms Flower is for you. Each pack has two outdoor flowers made with plastic and fabric. Each stalk is 25.6 inches long with numerous branches and 20 pcs of LED bulbs. 

The solar rechargeable battery has a 600mAh capacity, which can last for 4-6 hours. With upgraded solar panel technology, this product can still charge its battery on a cloudy day. All you have to do is stick the whole stake into the ground, and you’re ready to go. 

Best Purple Orchid Solar Lights

HeyMate Flower Solar Garden Lights

Another HeyMate product, the purple orchid flower, is very similar to the previous product listed above. You don’t have to install additional wirings to make this flower light functional. It also has a 600mAh capacity that can last for 4-6 hours and powers 20 LED bulbs. 

You can put the purple orchid flower lights in bushes, pathways, and around patios. Just remember that the “ON” mode represents the long light mode, while the “MIDDLE” in the switch is the flash mode. 

Like the other options, this solar light works in the rain or sunshine. Of course, you will need at least 4 hours on sunlight to power it through the night.

Best Rose Solar Powered Lights

Helesin Stakes Solar Garden Lights 

If you fancy radiant red roses in your garden, this product is one of the best options you can find. This garden light is good for 6-8 hours of usage and only takes a day to charge in its full capacity. 

You can choose between red or blue design, or get more variety with assorted colors. Each stalk has three realistic flowers, even during the daylight. If you want your light to be slowly changing, you can activate the RGB rotating mode. 

Best Tall And Larger Solar Lights

Neporal Solar Garden Flower Lights

For those who want a mini-tree rather than a decorative flower, you might want to take a look at Neporal’s solar garden lights. Made with plastic, these two pink and branchy stakes automatically light up at night and turn off during the daytime. 

Like other products featured on the list, the Neporal flower lights are waterproof and perfect for outdoor use. Charging time is 6 hours, with 8 hours of fully functional use. The product uses LED lights for a long-lasting display. 

How To Install Solar Flower Lights? 

Getting solar flower lights to work is very easy. They don’t need any specialized devices for installation. And the installation only takes an hour or less. Here’s how to install these decorative lights in your garden in five simple steps. 

1. Locate The Best Spot For Your Solar Flower Lights

Most people use solar flower lights to decorate pathways and plant boundaries. Getting the best positioning for aesthetics is important. But to make sure that all the flowers work, avoid shady areas and aim for a location hit by direct sunlight. This is to make sure that the batteries will get a full charge and can power the flower. 

2. Dig A Hole For Installation

To install the solar flower lights, dig a hole about 5-8 inches or just deep enough to insert the flower to the ground without additional support. You can also install it in other locations other than on the ground. Just ensure that the flowers are securely placed or hard to move by external factors such as wind. 

3. Make Sure That The Panel Is Facing The Sun

This part is an important consideration: make sure that direct sunlight will hit the panels. You might need to get creative in placing the solar panels without ruining the view. Fortunately, the solar panel is quite small in most flower lights. This problem can be remedied by moving the leaves at optimal angles without covering the whole plant. 

4. Spread The Leaves And Flowers

Speaking of leaves and flowers, the housing of the LED is made out of plastic fabric. When you first get it out of the package, the flowers are not spread apart. To make the flowers look more natural, separate the stems, leaves, and flowers without cutting them apart. This is just to make things more presentable. 

5. Charge The Light Before Turning ON

And last but not least, make sure to charge the lights for one day before turning them on. Most people think they have defective products because the battery is not charged at all. Strive for at least eight hours charging time before the first usage. 

Maintenance Requirements For Solar Flower Lights

These garden lights are great options for fuss free installation. But like most products, it requires some light maintenance for the solar panels to work effectively. Though the maintenance required is minimal.

Of course, there are easy steps you can take to brighten your solar lights. Many of them take less than 5 minutes, like cleaning the solar panels.

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