4 Best Solar Pool Cleaners Reviewed For 2021

If you have a pool, you know how demanding pool cleaning can be. Insects, leaves, and other dirt gather on the surface of your pool every day. We’ve reviewed the best solar pool cleaners in 2021.

Here’s a quick reference for the top four solar pool cleaners:

Solar Pool CleanerAwardRating
Original Solar Pool IonizerBest Pool Ionizer4.3/5
Aquamoto Skimbot RoboticBest Bottom Skimmer4.1/5
Xtremepower Pool PurifierBest Budget Option4.2/5
CopperFlo Salt Pool IonizerBest For Salt Pools4.5/5

We spent dozens of hours reviewing different options available to keep your pool clean without electricity. For more information on each product, read more below.

How We Reviewed The Best Solar Pool Cleaners

Traditional pool cleaning requires using chemicals that can be harmful to human health, and catching dirt from the surface is a tedious job. To make your life easier and keep your pool clean, you can use efficient solar pool cleaners that save you money.

We found the best solar pool skimmer after looking at dozens of options. We combed through the reviews and ratings to give you the best solar pool cleaner that will keep leaves and debris off the surface of your pool.

Algae and other microorganisms that multiply quickly in the water are also a big problem in swimming pools. To keep your water clean, you need a pool ionizer. This works well with salt water and chlorinated pools.

After going through all of the pool ionizers available, we found the best overall option, the best budget option, and the best solar pool cleaner for salt water pools.

Best Overall Solar Pool Cleaner

Original Solar Pool Cleaner

This pool cleaner comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, which guarantees the quality of this device and instills confidence that you will always be able to use it without any problems. The solar panels are well protected under a thick covering which prevents water or dirt from affecting their efficiency.

Good protection on solar panels is important because it allows you to use the same solar pool cleaner for years. This automatic pool cleaner uses solar technology to produce an electrical current.

These solar pool cleaners are made in a way that prevents the formation of algae. It also allows you to use less chlorine in your pool. Chlorine is normally put in swimming pools to kill germs.

It forms a weak acid that kills bacteria like salmonella and E.coli, as well as germs that cause viruses such as diarrhea and swimmer’s ear. Once this product is in your pool, you will not see new algae appear as this device will prevent them.

When using these solar pool cleaners, you do not have to put so much chlorine and other chemicals. You can reduce them by 85% more precisely! It is important to keep in mind that you will still need to use chemicals. But reducing them will help protect your health while keeping your pool clean and healthy.

How this pool cleaner works

This cleaner is at the same time an ionizer. Ionizers are sanitizing systems that release copper and silver ions into pool water and kill bacteria, algae, and viruses. Ionizers are safe to use and very effective.

This solar-powered cleaner works great with small amounts of chlorine and keeps the pH level very stable. A solar pool cleaner will float on the surface of your pool and produce ions while exposed to sunlight. Solar energy accumulates on the solar panel located on the top of the solar cleaner.

The power collected in solar panels works with an underwater ion-disbursing anode to release copper ions that are effective at killing algae and keeping your pool clean. It takes about a week to balance the copper ion level for pool water.

You can use Solar pool cleaner in chlorine, and also in salt pools. With it, you can clean up to 35,000-gallon pools. This device will not damage the finish of the pool or vinyl liners, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pool.

The manufacturers emphasize that the copper electrode will last for approximately two years, unlike other solar pool cleaners. In those two years, depending on the size of the pool, you will save between $250 and $750 yearly in chemicals.

How to use this solar pool cleaner

For this device to work successfully, you will first need to scrub the pool and add chlorine or other chemicals. You can then add a solar panel cleaner and wait a few days for the copper ions to spread throughout the pool. Once this happens the algae will no longer grow and your problem will be completely solved.

By using this solar pool cleaner, you will make your life easier and no longer have to brush the pool so often because algae and other microorganisms will not accumulate on it.

How to clean this device

Do not forget that like all devices, this ionizer needs to be cleaned. You can do this once a month to prevent rust and reduce its functionality. Different particles will be caught on the metal parts of the device, which you will easily notice.

To clean the solar pool cleaner simply take a brush and rub it well. Another option is to put it in a solution of vinegar and salt, and you will immediately get rid of it without rubbing. After cleaning your solar pool cleaner, it will look like new and will work perfectly.

Keep in mind that this solar pool cleaner will not pick up the stuff floating on the top of your pool. Its function is primarily to prevent the growth of algae and other bacteria. You will have to take care of the floating things yourself.

After we have tried this solar pool cleaner, we can tell you that all the problems related to cleaning the pool will disappear. In just a few days this solar pool cleaner solved the problem of algae that did not return.

Plus, the savings on chemicals are amazing. If you use this solar pool cleaner, you do not have to use huge amounts of chemicals. It is enough to add just a few chlorine tabs to make your pool look clean and tidy. Instead of spending money on chemicals, which are quite harmful and expensive, buying this device will save you a small fortune.

For all pool lovers and those who struggle with maintaining cleanliness, this solar pool cleaner is the ideal solution. If you want to have it in your pool and see for yourself its functionality, you can find it here.

Best Solar Pool Skimmer

Aquamoto Skimbot Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

If you want a slightly more modern version of the solar pool cleaner, the Aquamoto Skimbot robotic cleaner is the right choice for you. This very light-weight cleaner will make sure your pool is clean. It has a sliding collection tray that prevents dirt and leaves from backwashing into your pool.

It is made of solid durable plastic that is resistant to UV rays. Also, it’s resistant to the effects of chemicals from the water, and this solar pool cleaner is not bothered by exposure to cold and hot temperatures. Moreover, this useful device loves heat.

This solar-powered robotic pool cleaner will be a great help in keeping your pool clean. It is intended for removing leaves, pollen, hair, insects, oils, and other debris from the surface of a swimming pool without supervision. Best of all is that this pool cleaner pool cleans completely autonomously.

The uniqueness of this cleaner

The cleaner has four sensors located on different sides of the solar pool cleaner. Sensors warn the cleaner of obstacles in the pool to prevent the cleaner from staying in a certain corner of the pool for days. Sensors allow it to efficiently maneuver around obstacles, access tight spaces, and collect particles without getting stuck in a particular place.

Also, it has sensors above and below the water that navigate it across the surface of the pool. The goal of this robotic solar pool cleaner is to float the entire surface of your pool every day, thus keeping it clean and tidy.

Dimensions of the cleaner are 17×19 inches and it weighs no more than 3 lbs. Solar panels are located on top of the device and occupy almost the entire surface of the solar pool cleaner. This means that this device can quickly collect the amount of energy it needs to work.

Solar panels collect energy, which is then retained in the cleaner and allows it to operate its intelligent onboarded navigation system and targeting dirty areas. Using a cleaner that is filled with solar panels will save you a lot of energy and money. Solar pool cleaner does not use any cords and cables and increases the run cycle of pumps.

Using this device with a smartphone

Perhaps the best thing about the Aquamoto robotic pool cleaner is that it comes with the Skimbot application available for Android or iOS devices. Once you download the app, you connect via Bluetooth to your pool cleaner. In this application, you can set the cleaning schedule and manage the pool cleaner without any hassle.

You can specify the intervals at which this pool cleaner will be active, a unique feature from other solar pool cleaners. For example, you want it to clean the pool for 30 minutes and then not work for an hour. Once you set the intervals, the robotic cleaner will work all day according to these intervals to keep the pool clean. The Skimbot app allows you to check temperatures, battery status of cleaner, charging wattage, and change usage settings all from a smartphone using Bluetooth. On the app, you can also set how close you want the cleaner to approach the pool edge before turning.

If you’re not a fan of cell phones and apps, you don’t have to use them at all because the cleaner is fully automatic. Put it in the pool and hit the button to start it. After you take it out, turn it off, clean the tray and put it back in the pool. You press the start button again and that’s it.

Caring for this pool cleaner

The device arrives with a dead battery, but don’t worry about it. Leave it for a few hours in your pool, and it will charge fully. It is good advice to keep it in the sun whenever possible so that you can always use it when you need it. The solar pool cleaner stores the excess energy it collects in a battery cell, so it can work overnight until the battery is discharged.

Of course, don’t forget that you need to clean the Aquamoto pool cleaner. This device collects all the dirt that is on the surface of your pool, which means that all that dirt has to end up somewhere. In this case, it ends in a collecting tray.

How often you need to clean the collecting tray depends on how much dirt accumulates on the surface of your pool. If it is very dirty, you will need to empty the collecting tray every few days. If there isn’t much dirt, you can let it run for a week or even more without emptying the tray. Emptying the collecting tray is very easy. Just pull the tray out of the cleaner, get the dirt out, and put it back.

The Aquamoto pool cleaner can be found on Amazon.

Best Budget Solar Pool Cleaner

Xtremepower Solar Pool Cleaner

Xtremepower is a solar-powered water cleaner that very easily keeps your pool clean. This environmentally friendly cleaner has solar panels that require little care and maintenance. Solar panels are covered with a protective layer to work effectively for years. The device has no battery or cords and is completely safe to use.

Xtremepower is a pool cleaner designed to kill algae with natural minerals that are produced when sunlight is converted into a harmless electrical current energizing an electrode. Direct sunlight powers the unit via the photovoltaic solar panel and converts solar energy into low power.

The current energizes the mineral electrode, causing the anode to slowly dissolve into the water resulting in mineralized water. Copper ionization kills microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying. This allows you to significantly reduce the number of chemicals you normally put in the pool. Reducing chemicals not only prevents harmful effects to your health but also protects your swimwear and hair from bleaching.

How to use this device

This pool cleaner is very easy to use. There is no complicated installation; just put it in on the pool’s surface. It works effectively in pools up to approximately 35,000 gallons. You can save a lot by using this device. Using this device reduces the number of chemicals used by approximately 80%. Also, you will have to empty the pool less often and clean it, thus saving on water bills.

Xtremepower successfully prevents the formation of algae and kills all microorganisms. To remove debris from the pool surface, simply use a mesh net. If you have problems with algae that accumulate quickly in the water and multiply, you can solve the problem by buying one of these solar pool cleaners at the following link.

Best Solar Pool Cleaner For Salt Water Pools

CopperFlo Solar Pool Cleaner

CopperFlo solar pool cleaner is also a great product that effectively cleans your pool by preventing the formation of algae and other microorganisms in your pool. Like the products listed above, Copperflo uses a solar panel to convert the collected energy into electrodes. This cleaner uses power from the sun.

The power works with an underwater ion-disturbing anode to release copper ions in the water and thus kills microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, and viruses. Copper ions are carried into the pool by the water rushing through the ionizer. They float in the water until they encounter microorganisms with negatively charged ions. Copper irons are then attached to the microorganism and erode the organism’s cell and destroy them. However, with this cleaner, you will need to use chemicals in reduced amounts.

Can be used in pools up to 45,000 gallons. The device works in a way that protects your pool and will not damage the pool or vinyl liner. In the package, you will also get a Buddy Band that protects the ionizer and pool from unwanted dings, scratches and other damage.

Using this device will significantly reduce the number of chemicals needed to prevent the formation of microorganisms. This will save you a lot of money. In addition, by using this solar pool cleaner less often you will have to scrub the pool because it will not accumulate deposits caused by algae and other microorganisms.

Characteristics of this pool cleaner

The CopperFlo solar pool cleaner is made of a very solid and quality material so you don’t have to worry that the water will damage it or make it stop working. The solar pool cleaner is made in one piece so there are no additional cables or cords which makes it completely safe to use.

You are free to swim in a pool while the cleaner is in the water and it will not harm you in any way. It is also much healthier to use than the many chemicals that are an alternative to this pool cleaner.

The solar panels are covered with a protective cover so that water does not damage them. It takes about a day in the sun to fully charge it. Solar pool cleaner works completely automatically. It’s up to you to put it in the pool and wait a few days for the copper ions to work.

The cleaner works great even in large pools. It is very easy to maintain. When you notice that it is dirty, simply take it out of the water and scrub it with a brush.

If you want to buy one of these solar pool cleaners, you can find it here.

Additional Solar Pool Options

Pools can be expensive to operate. There are so many components that take electricity: heaters, pumps, fountains, and cleaners. Luckily, there are solar options for each of these.

Solar Pool Heaters

Pool heaters keep your pool warm so you aren’t shocked when you jump in. But they are rarely used due to how expensive it is to heat a pool. Are there other ways to heat your pool without electricity costs? You could use the power of the sun!

Are solar pool heaters worth it? As long as you are getting enough direct sunlight, they will be able to heat your pool all summer long.

We rated the best solar pool heaters available to make sure you are making smart clean energy decisions.

Solar Pool Pumps

The most expensive part of owning a pool is keeping the water well circulated. You are supposed to keep the pool pump running for at least 8 hours per day. It can cost $150 on average to power that pump. So are solar pool pumps worth it?

For most pools, they will pay for themselves in less than two years. We created a detailed review of the best solar pumps for pools.

Solar Fountain Pumps

Many pools use fountains as a way to add additional way to have fun in the sun. But they come at yet another ongoing cost due to the electricity needed to power the pumps. Do solar powered water features work?

If you are getting at least eight hours of sunlight a day, then solar powered fountains could be a great option. Here’s a list of the highest rated solar fountains for your pool.


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