15 Best Outdoor Landscape Solar Lights In 2021

As the night draws in and the skies turn from blue to black, the evening will die down or turn inside. Great outdoor lighting can keep the fun outside, even at night. We put together a list of the best outdoor solar lights that will bring your backyard to the next level.

For those in a rush, here’s a quick reference guide to the best outdoor solar lights in 2021:

LITOM Original Solar LightsBest Overall Solar Light4.7/5 Stars
JACKYLED Solar Driveway LightsBest Budget Solar Light4.4/5 Stars
Hmcity Motion Sensor Security LightsBest Security Wall Lights4.6/5 Stars
AmeriTop Security LED Flood LightBest Budget Security Wall Light4.3/5 Stars
LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape SpotlightstBest Garden Spotlights4.5/5 Stars
URPOWER Solar SpotlightsBest Budget Garden Spotlights4.2/5 Stars
Kaixoxin Solar Lantern LightsBest Solar Garden Lanterns4.6/5 Stars
TomCare Solar Flickering LanternBest Budget Solar Garden Lanterns4.1/5 Stars
AMIR Solar Powered String LightsBest Solar Light Strings for Outdoor Use4.4/5 Stars
Brightech Solar Powered Outdoor String LightsBest Budget Solar Light Strings for Outdoor Use4.1/5 Stars
Solar Smart Creations Solar Powered Lamp Post LightBest Solar Garden Lamps4.6/5 Stars
Greluna Mini Solar Lamp Post LightsBest Budget Solar Garden Lamps4.3/5 Stars
BEAU JARDIN Bright Pathway LightsBest LED Solar Pathway Lights4.5/5 Stars
SUNNEST Garden Lights for PathwayBest Budget Solar Pathway Lights4.3/5 Stars
Deneve Solar Flag Pole LightBest Solar-Powered Flagpole Light4.4/5 Stars

We have taken a deep dive into the thousands of reviews left on some of the best products available to purchase. Keep reading to find out more details on the solar lights you need for your outdoor space!

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Why Use Solar Landscape Lights

We all know that an outdoor space at your home is a huge luxury. Your garden has become your sanctuary of peace.

Amongst all the hustle and bustle you find curbside, having an area where you can relax outside is important.

If you have just started making your patio a more serene place to be, you may want to consider your lighting options.

Most of the time, people tend to forget about lighting placement. With reduced electricity outlets outside, it can be difficult to distribute the lighting to the correct places. Not to mention the unsightly extension cords running throughout your yard.

If you have a patio table and chairs, you’re going to need some lamps to create that social space even as the evening creeps in. The best solution we have found is to invest in some high-quality solar lighting.

These solar lights are perfect for any space, any size, anywhere. Whatever you wish to create, solar lighting can help take it to the next level. 

There are many options that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for wall lights, lamps, or even flagpole lighting, solar lights are a viable option.

However, the number of options available on the market make it hugely time-consuming to find the best products. That’s where we come in to help you out! 

How We Reviewed The Best Solar Lights

Reviewing the best solar outdoor lights is a daunting task. We had to make it more bite sized for us to review and for you to read. The first thing we did was split up the solar landscaping lights into seven categories:

  • Driveway solar lights
  • Security wall solar lights
  • Garden solar spotlights
  • Garden solar lantern lights
  • Solar string lights
  • Garden solar lamps
  • Solar path lights
  • Flagpole solar lights

Now that we have more manageable divisions, we created a review guideline and process. This includes requirements that each solar light must check in order to make our list. In the end, we only recommend two options for each type of light: the best overall and the best budget.

Detailed Review Process

Here is the detailed review process our team used to bring you the best solar light options:

  1. Firstly, we filter out all products that don’t meet our rating requirement of at least four stars. There also has to be over 30 reviews in total. This lets us know that it has been adequately tested by real people. And we read each review to make sure it is legit. We don’t want spammy reviews and reviews talking about other products. That throws red flags for the product and the company.
  2. Speaking of the company, they have to provide a good return policy and warranty. You should be able to return it if you don’t like it or it stops working. We make sure every product has a warranty.
  3. After reading through the reviews, we aggregate the bad reviews together. If there is a common thread, we look into it. That means the issue has been experience by multiple customers. If it is severe, we nix the product recommendation.
  4. Quality is super important to us as consumers. So we read through the specifications of each product to make sure it is made out of quality materials. It has to use quality batteries with high capacities.
  5. Lastly, we look at price. It could be the best solar light in 2021, but if it is a gazillion dollars we aren’t recommending it. There has to be a fair value price associated with each solar light.

The Best Driveway Lights

One of the main areas which require adequate outdoor lighting is your driveway.

When it gets dark, you need to make sure that your driveway is safely lit to avoid any accidents from happening.

To do this, you need top quality lighting, and you may be surprised to know that solar lights are a great option for you.

LITOM Original Solar Lights

Our number one option for the best driveway light for 2021 is this LITOM Original Solar Light.

This is a popular and well-established brand which offers high quality products to its customers. You will always have a great product when you purchase from LITOM. 

This product offers three different modes which allow you to adjust the settings according to what you need from your light.

It also has a built in motion sensor which when activated, will switch on for 20 seconds if activity is occurring. It is a great security measure as well as brightening up your driveway. 

The wattage of these lights are 8.14 watts and they operate with one Lithium ion battery. It is worth noting that the battery is not included in the purchase.

The lights are made from highly durable materials so there is no need to worry when the rain is pouring. This product is a must if you want to put your mind at ease!


  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Motion sensor lights.
  • Three different modes available.


  • Battery not included in purchase. 

JACKYLED Solar Driveway Lights

Another product which we love are these JACKYLED Solar Driveway Lights. These operate slightly differently to our first recommendation.

These come in a pack of twelve lights which can be easily fixed to the outskirts of your drive. These helpfully light the way up your drive. 

These lights have an outer aluminum alloy casing which can handle up to 25 tons of pressure.

This is great to know if you have a narrow driveway but want lights which work in this way. 

The driveway lights are fitted with LED bright white lights which provide a clear vision of what is in front of you.

They help to prevent any accidents which may occur in a dimly lit area.

What makes these lights great is that they only take four hours to fully charge in the daylight.

Once fully charged, the lights can remain illuminated for up to 72 hours! 


  • Fast battery charging time.
  • Long lasting power of 72 hours.
  • Durable outer casing for extra protection. 


  • More expensive due to the amount of lights included.

The Best Security Wall Lights

To keep your property and your family safe, it is a good idea to invest in some security lights. These are so helpful to keep away any trespassers.

We have two solar-powered products which we think cover everything you need in a security light!

Hmcity Motion Sensor Security Lights

This light is a best seller for a reason. The built-in motion sensor lights up for 30 seconds if movement is detected.

If movement is sensed again during this time, then it will extend the light up time by an additional 30 seconds. This is great as it keeps your home safe but also saves energy as they operate. 

The pack comes with two lights included which have a wide lighting angle of up to 30m².

These lights are also anti-corrosion, have a resistance to high temperatures and can power through the wettest of weather conditions. 

The wattage of these lights is 4.5 watts and they operate with one Lithium ion battery which is included in the purchase. S

uper convenient, right? The only downside is that these lights do need 8 hours in the sunlight to fully charge the battery.


  • Lights up a large surface area.
  • Motion sensor is built in.
  • Batteries included in the purchase.


  • Take a full 8 hours to fully charge in the daylight.

AmeriTop Security LED Flood Light

These security lights are perfect for larger houses, as they are quite big pieces of equipment.

They can actually detect motion for up to 26 feet from an angle of 120 degrees.

Like our previous recommendation, the light illuminates for 30 seconds if motion is detected. It will remain on until the movement has concluded. 

The lights can illuminate a large area of 16-26 feet. The lights are easy to move around to whatever angle you desire.

This product is designed to withstand the worst of weather conditions so you have no need to worry when it starts to downpour outside. 

It is recommended that you charge these lights in the sunlight for 6-8 hours to get the best from them. That makes these lights better suited to sunnier climates, for example, Florida. 


  • Large lighting area of up to 26 feet.
  • Detects motion for up to 26 feet.


  • White outer plastic which could easily get dirty.

The Best Garden Spotlights

If you have an area in your garden that you want to draw attention to, you need spotlights in your life.

Let’s take a look at some of the best products available for your outdoor space!

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

These are one of our favorite products on our list as they come in several different color combos.

The original product comes in cold white which provides a bright light.

There is also a warm white option which gives off a more cozy vibe. Lastly, you can get colored spotlights which instantly add fun to your garden.

The lights come with two different settings; low light which lasts 12 hours or high light which remains illuminated for 6 hours.

The waterproof outer material makes them some of the most durable spotlights on the market. 

These lights can either be staked into the ground to light up certain areas in your garden or they can be wall mounted.

Having them wall mounted does require a bit more effort however, LITOM include screws in the package. 


  • Multiple colors available to buy.
  • Two different lighting modes.
  • Made with highly durable material.


  • Light only covers a short distance.

URPOWER Solar Spotlights

These spotlights are similar to the LITOM product as they can also be staked into the ground or wall mounted.

This choice of situation allows you to control exactly where you want to be illuminated.

Another great feature of this product is that they have fully adjustable heads so you can easily direct the light to shine on whatever you want!

The lights can stay illuminated for between 6-9 hours once they have been fully charged for 4-5 hours.

They have two lighting modes built in which you can change up depending on whether you are looking for low or high lighting. 


  • Quick charging time.
  • Includes two different lighting modes.
  • Easily adjustable lighting.


  • You must switch on the light before charging in the day.

The Best Solar-Powered Garden Lanterns

When you think of a solar-powered light, garden lanterns are probably the first thing you think of.

You can get so many gorgeous designs which really do add beauty to your landscape.

Kaixoxin Solar Lantern Lights

These stunning lanterns create such a unique design when lit up during the nights.

They help create a cozy vibe in your garden and are perfect to place around a patio area. Put your guests at ease with these silver patio lanterns.

These can either be placed wherever you want, or they can be hung up.

Once the lanterns have been fully charged in daylight, then they can last for up to 8 hours.

This makes them a great lighting option for a social gathering. They are also waterproof and corrosion resistant. What more could you ask for?


  • Weather proof.
  • Unique and beautifully designed.


  • Not a super bright light, this type of lighting is for creating ambiance only.

TomCare Solar Flickering Lantern 

These TomCare lanterns make the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

What makes these so unique is the flickering effect. This effect creates such a cozy atmosphere. It will definitely impress your friends and family. 

You can also create a flame-like effect but without having a live flame. Ideal if you have kids around!

They are made with a durable material however due to the patterned design, shouldn’t be left outside during heavy rain.

Otherwise, excess rainfall may get caught inside the light.


  • Sleek design.
  • Flickering flame-like effect.


  • Avoid leaving outside in heavy rain.

The Best Solar Light Strings for Outdoor Use

If you want to add something special to your outdoor area, string lights are the perfect product for you.

They add fun and are great to hang around your patio area.

AMIR Solar Powered String Lights


Taking first place for solar string lights are these lovely lights from AMIR.

These have a fairy light design which looks amazing when hung up in nearby trees or bushes.

It adds so much twinkle to your garden, it almost feels magical. 

If you have an outdoor bar, these could look great draped across that to draw your guests’ attention straight to it.

These come in warm white which instantly hugs you as you lay your eyes on them. They also have two modes.

Either have the lights constantly on when fully charged or you can choose to have them flashing throughout the night. The lights are waterproof too!


  • Fairy light design.
  • Easy to place anywhere you want!


  • You will need patience to untangle them!

Brightech Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

These string lights are a completely different design to our previously recommended product.

The light bulb design is a very modern take on string lights. These would look really special draped across a canopy or gazebo. 

They need 6 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge and then will shine bright for up to 6 hours at night.

The lights are completely weatherproof and can even survive wind speeds of up to 50mph. They almost have an industrial style feel to them.

They’re great!


  • Modern design.
  • Heat and wind resistant. 


  • These should only be used to create ambiance and will not light up extremely brightly.

The Best Solar Garden Lamps

Garden lamps can help highlight different parts of your garden.

Ideal to place in corners where you may need some additional lighting.

Solar Smart Creations Solar Powered Lamp Post Light

This just had to be our number one solar-powered garden lamp. It’s triple-head, vintage design makes a statement in anyone’s backyard.

Placing these in special spots in your garden will really draw attention to the best features you have on show. 

The fact that these are made from stainless steel make them extremely durable throughout any type of weather.

There is also a built-in sensor which triggers when it starts getting dark outside. These lamps look so elegant placed in your garden.

They’re also 72 inches high which helps to cover a wide range with light.


  • Vintage design.
  • Built-in sensor.
  • 72 inch tall lamp.


  • Will need to be fully charged for ultimate brightness level.

Greluna Mini Solar Lamp Post Lights

These mini lamp posts are a great way to add light to your outdoor space.

They take around 6-8 hours to fully charge in direct sunlight.

Once charged, they will remain illuminated for up to 8 hours. This means that you can light up your garden all night long!

The vintage design will tie in nicely with any other type of outdoor decor you have in your garden.

The lamps are completely waterproof and cover a wide range of space.

The LED lighting stretches quite an impressive distance to really keep you safely lit in your garden.


  • Vintage design.
  • Stays illuminated for up to 8 hours.


  • Only 40 inches in height.

The Best LED Solar Pathway Lights

Apart from solar lanterns, pathway lights may also be one of the first products you think of when you hear solar powered lights.

They not only look pretty, but they help light up your path for additional safety.

BEAU JARDIN Bright Pathway Lights

These are gorgeous pathway lights which can easily be staked into the ground. They help light the way around your garden.

The LED bulbs are super bright which help to illuminate the desired area.

The lights need between 6-8 hours of charging time. Once they are charged, they can last up to 8-12 hours. Now, that is a long time!

The lattice glass design projects decorative patterns onto the floor’s surface. This adds some fun to your garden.

The lights are available in several different colors so you are able to choose what suits your decor.

If you place the solar lights out evenly, you create such an attractive garden path.


  • Stays illuminated for 8-12 hours when fully charged.
  • Uniquely designed to project patterns when lit.


  • The stake may need some force to place into the ground.

SUNNEST Garden Lights for Pathway

If you are after a more simple and sleekly designed pathway light, then this could be the product for you.

They are neatly designed to be staked into the ground.

They are extremely weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about any bad weather conditions damaging your lighting. 

These lights will require 6-8 hours in direct sunlight before their first use.

Once they have been fully charged in front of the UV rays, then they will last for between 8-10 hours. You can really stay out all night!


  • Simple design.
  • A maximum illumination of 10 hours.


  • More suitable for sunnier climates.

If you are looking for more options, here’s a detailed guide to the best solar path lights available.

The Best Solar-Powered Flagpole Light

If you leave your flag out all night, it is so important to have quality lighting. Installing solar flagpole lights is easy to do yourself.

Here’s our must-have product to keep your flag in view all night long!

Deneve Solar Flag Pole Light

This solar powered flagpole light is the perfect addition. It is easy to install with no tools needed.

This product will fit flag poles from 15 to 25 ft, and 0.5 inch wide flag spindles.

Before purchasing it is important to ensure that this light will fit your flagpole.

The built-in sensor will detect when it is night time and illuminate the light.

The LED bulbs allow a brighter shine to display your flag with pride.

What’s even better about this product is that a portion of the profits made from each sale is donated to charity! Do you need any other reason to buy?


  • LED bright lights.
  • No tools needed to install.
  • Built-in sensor.


  • Does not come with a ball, bolt or ornament. This purchase is just for the light.

If you’d like to see more solar flagpole light options, we put together a more in depth review of the best solar flagpole lights on the market.

Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2021 Buyer’s Guide

How Do Solar Light Work?

Outdoor solar lights work in a similar way to solar panels. They generate power through something called the photovoltaic effect.

On an outdoor solar light, you may see a small solar cell. This is where the solar light generates power.

Sunlight is absorbed into the cell which then transforms to direct current electricity.

What sets apart how solar lights and panels work is that solar lights absorb the sunlight in the day and then store it for use at night.

The direct current which is created in the solar cell is turned into chemical energy.

This energy is then stored in the rechargeable battery incorporated into the product. 

An outdoor light also has a darkness sensor built into the device. This will let the light know when to turn on.

The technical name for this light is the photoresistor. During the day, it recognizes that there is no need for the light to be on.

As soon as it begins to turn into the evening, the light will sense this and switch on the light. 

Once the light is powered on, the chemical energy is transformed into an electrical output which keeps the light shining bright.

One tip that we do like to share is to keep your solar-powered lights in an area that is full of sunlight in the day.

This will help to fully charge the solar cell for the best possible lighting in the night. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Solar-powered Lights?

Solar-powered lights are some of the most popular lighting options right now. You may be asking yourself why and that is where we come in!

Solar lights are so simple to install and have a wide range of advantages. Let’s take a closer look at what makes solar lights so great!


Solar-powered means that they are extremely eco-friendly. They are not draining electricity from your home and create power from the UV rays from the sun.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to place some in your garden, we don’t know what is!

They don’t break the bank

From the majority of our recommended products, you can tell that most of these lights are budget-friendly.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive kits to keep your outdoor space well lit.

The different options for different budgets also show that sometimes you can spend less than $50 and still get one of the best-recommended products on the market!

Easy to set up

As these are purely powered by the sunlight, then there are no wires! That is the dream, right?

All you need to do is find a suitable place for your light and place it there. It really is that easy.

To ensure that you get the best lighting output from your light, make sure that your light is situated somewhere with full sunlight during the day time. 

The wide variety of solar-powered lights available to buy means that some may be a little trickier than others to install.

But, don’t let that put you off! Some lights may require being hung up onto a wall. That is about as difficult as it could get.

Other lighting options may just need to be staked into the ground. Now, that’s the ease of use you are looking for!

What Types Of Landscape Solar Lights Are Available?

As you have seen from our recommendation list, there are so many options when it comes to outdoor solar lighting.

From small lanterns to flagpole lights, you can get some pretty good quality pieces if you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

All of our recommended products fall under some of the most popular lighting options.

People need lighting for different parts of their garden. Yes, you can use solar lights to illuminate your garden path, however, that’s not all they do. 

In this section, we are going to give a further explanation of each type of outdoor solar lighting that we have recommended.

We believe that our helpful insights will ensure that you get the best possible product.

So, let’s take a closer look at the different types of solar outdoor lighting available.

Driveway Lights

These lights are usually wall-mounted above your garage.

This type of lighting helps guide you into your garage at night and also provides added security to your home.

Especially if you are out at the time, your driveway will remain well lit.

Any suspicious activity will be easily caught by your security cameras or by your neighbors’ thanks to these lights.

Security Wall Lights

Like the driveway lights, these are also mounted onto your property.

They help to keep your home and outdoor space lit up at night time when burglaries are more likely to occur.

Some security lights come with a sensor, which is a great option if you suspect any intruders.

If the motion is detected, then your security light will switch on. Great to catch anyone in the act!

Garden Spotlights

Garden spotlights can be easily staked into the ground to highlight a certain part of your outdoor space.

These are mostly decorative items that light up your garden to create a warm ambiance.

Even on the colder nights, these lights can make you feel warm inside.

Maybe you have a plant bed that you’re proud of? These lights will help bring them to life in the evening!

Solar-Powered Garden Lanterns

These are widely available in many stores. They come in a huge variety of designs and can take your garden from basic to a haven.

The pretty, whimsical designs of these lanterns add personality to your garden.

They are perfect to create a cozy atmosphere at any garden party you may be thinking of throwing.

They can be easily placed anywhere you want them to. We love to place them around our seating area to create a welcoming feel for our guests. 

Solar Light Strings for Outdoor Use

String lights aren’t just for the Christmas holidays, people! We absolutely love hanging these lights around the perimeter of our garden.

They create such an inviting atmosphere. String lights immediately lift anyone’s mood.

They’re especially effective when hung up around a seating area. It just feels so much cozier.

Mixing these with lanterns would just be the ultimate lighting combo for any social gathering outdoors.

Solar Garden Lamps

If you have a larger space that needs lighting, then placing solar garden lamps in your garden could be the best idea.

These lamps are a lot bigger than some of our other recommendations so they can cover large gardens.

Having these placed in different parts of your garden can help divide your lawn from your flower bed.

They’re great along paths too as the lighting payoff is fantastic. 

LED Solar Pathway Lights

If you have a smaller garden, then solar pathway lights are an ideal choice.

You can add so much character to your space by placing the lights along your path. It safely shows the way but also looks pretty.

What more could you want? These can be easily staked into the ground and you can add as many or as little as you desire!

Solar-Powered Flagpole Lights

The proper code of conduct on flying flags during the night states that it should be illuminated.

Using solar powered flagpole lights to do this is an affordable option to adhere to the rules.

Flying your flag throughout the night when it is properly lit up shows how passionate and patriotic you and your family are.

Why Are Solar-powered Lights Great For Your Garden?

If we haven’t already convinced you that solar lights are the way forward, then let us explain the top three reasons that make them one of the best options for your garden. 


As you can tell from this article, there are so many options for solar-powered lights.

A lot of people only associate solar-powered lighting with the garden path stakes.

Yes, these are a great type of solar lights but there are so many more products out there.

They come in so many different shapes and sizes that there really is something out there for everyone.

Whatever color scheme you have going on or whether you need a durable security light, solar-powered lighting is always a good choice.

No messing around with wires

There is nothing worse than trying to install a complex system of lights into your garden.

Especially as there are fewer electricity points outside so you really are limited when it comes to the placement of your lighting.

What makes solar-powered lighting one of the best options for your garden is the fact that they are wire-free.

Having no wires means that you can place them where it suits you.

Where you need a light, you can place your solar-powered light. It really doesn’t matter!

Even the driveway lights or lamps do not come with any wires. Anything wall-mounted may need to be secured into place with a drill but that is about it. 

No compatibility issues

We have all been there,  a new light fitting comes and you’re so excited to install it.

Everything is set up nicely and then you go to put the bulb in. Then, all of a sudden, the bulb doesn’t fit.

It is not suitable for your light fitting. How annoying is this?

Solar-powered lighting removes these issues. As the electricity is powered through the solar cell on the light, you do not need to change any bulbs.

Lighting could not be any easier with this type of outdoor lighting. 

If you do have issues with your solar light not turning on at night, then we have a quick tip to help you out!

Check that the solar cell is clean and free from any dirt.

The reason that your light isn’t working may be because the cell on your light is covered which is blocking the UV rays from being absorbed.

All you have to do is clean away the dirt from the surface and check again the next night.

Things To Check Before Buying Outdoor Solar Lights

As with any electrical product, you need to ensure that you are buying a quality product from a reputable company.

To do this, you will want to look into the following points:

Solar Light Battery

Even though these are solar-powered products, it is still important to take note of two things regarding the battery. It’s important to have the best battery for your solar lights.

First, you will need to check the battery charge time, and secondly, the wattage of the product.

Each point will be more or less suitable for different parts of the country, so let explain further.

When it comes to the battery charge time, mostly it takes around six to eight hours of UV ray exposure to completely charge the battery.

This is great for someone who lives somewhere that the sun constantly shines, however, if where you live is more overcast, you may face some issues. 

This is why it is important to think about where you are placing your solar lights.

You do not want to be placing them into a shaded area as they just won’t reach their full potential.

If you do live somewhere that doesn’t get a ton of sunlight, try looking for a product with a smaller battery charge time. This will benefit you more. 

Also, if you live in an overcast area, then you will want to look for lights with a high solar power wattage.

What this does is increase the absorption abilities of the cells on the lights. 

Check The Total Hours Of Lighting

Another important factor that you should consider when purchasing a solar-powered light is the hours of lighting.

How long your lights remain switched on is super important. You need to ensure that the lights remain on for a suitable amount of time.

There’s no use for your lights to switch off after two hours!

If you are having a get together, or when you have driveway lights switched on, you need to be happy with the amount of hours lit.

The majority of products available will clearly state the hours lit times in their descriptions. 

Brightness Of Solar Lights

For some of the products, brightness level is a huge consideration.

We recommend that security, driveway and pathway lights to be the brightest you own for safety reasons.

A dimly lit driveway may mean that more accidents may happen. 

To figure out the brightness level on your light, you need to take a look at the lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter your light will shine.

A security light should have high lumens, whereas string lights and lanterns are okay to have slightly lower lumens. 

Some solar-powered lights do come with varying brightness modes.

These are fantastic if you know that you will be changing the brightness settings every once in a while.

Having a product that allows you to change the brightness level will save you spending more money on more lighting.

Solar Light Durability 

For outdoor lighting, you need your lights to be durable throughout any weather conditions.

You don’t want something that will easily corrode so look for materials like plastic, strong metal or some similar hard casing materials. 

If you have kids or pets, having durable lights will save you having to keep buying new too.

Certain materials are a lot more tough if they are bumped or thrown around a bit.

If you have lights which you stake into the ground, make sure that they are fully inserted. This will help keep them in place.

Do bright solar lights attract bugs?


One of the last things that you may want to factor in to your purchase is whether your product has a good warranty.

Most of the options that we have recommended have good policies in place so if something does arrive faulty, you are able to easily exchange your goods. 

Remember that everyone is human and sometimes manufacturers may send out a part or product by mistake.

Having a good warranty in place means that the company has a good customer service initiative.

You will have a better experience dealing with their advisors if you have an applicable warranty on your product.


We hope that we have helped you decide on the best solar lighting products for your garden in 2021.

Solar lighting is one of the most accessible options on the market so is perfect for all types of budgets and all kinds of outdoor spaces.

Remember to always place your solar lights in an area that has sunlight during the day for the best results.

Whether you are looking for decorative or practical lighting solutions, our recommendations should definitely be considered.

Does anyone else now feel the need to deck out their garden with some amazing solar-powered lights? We sure do!


I'm trying to make the world a bit greener every day, whether that's through my day job or helping others make green choices for their homes.

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