14 Best Solar Shed Lights Reviewed For 2021

Are you searching for the best solar shed lights? Solar power puts the energy required for illumination quite literally directly in your hands. Stop paying electric companies for something you can get for free. Now you can leave your worries behind whether your electricity will go out during a storm. 

Top Rated Solar Shed Lights Summary

Best Overall – Intelamp LED Solar Pendant Light

  • Capable of day and nighttime use
  • “Night Light” feature allows utilization with optimal energy conservation
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof

Most Versatile – KUFUNG 3 Leaf Solar Pendant Light

  • Independent, adjustable leaves for custom lighting
  • Built-in timer to conserve energy
  • Provides up to eight hours of continuous use
  • Both pendant and solar panel are waterproof

Premium Choice – Gama Sonic Light My Shed IV GS-16B2

  • Two lights for ceiling and wall mounts to cover maximum range
  • Lifespan of at least three years; good for 1,000 charges
  • Rust-proof solar panel

The 11 Best Solar Shed Lights

#1 – LightMe 130LM LED Solar Light Bulb

First on our list is a portable solar-powered light bulb from LightMe. You can use the LightMe bulb from any location of your choosing. Therefore, if you have a large shed, the LightMe bulb can come in handy. The bulb’s output power is 1.5W and a lifespan of 5,000 hours (roughly 208 days).

LightMe’s solar shed light’s photovoltaic panel rests on your roof or some area where it can absorb sunlight. Route The connecting 11 ½ feet wire into the shed to the charging port which transforms the collected solar energy into stored electricity. A fully charged bulb lasts up to five hours if used continuously.

LightMe’s rechargeable solar bulb offers a wide variety of applications beyond your shed. Use it outside, camping, and for emergencies. An included portable hook adds extra mobility. A provided USB port allows you to charge your smart devices with solar energy as well.


  • Low energy consumption; being solar, it’s free anyway
  • USB port provides solar energy to charge smart devices
  • 5,000 hour lifespan
  • Portable


  • Brightness may dim over time
  • Charge may not last as long after repeated use
  • Solar panel requires protection from rain

#2 – KUFUNG 3 Leaf Solar Pendant Light

The KUFUNG 3 Leaf Solar Pendant Light looks like a miniature solar-powered ceiling fan. It’s portable and great for areas that have no electricity or are difficult to illuminate in general.

Examples include basements, garages, camping sites, and, of course, sheds.

The KUFUNG solar light brightens up your shed with 60 LEDs with a maximum of 800LM. A full charge provides 8 hours of use. This model also conserves stored solar energy by turning itself off during the day.

You can use the built-in timer to decide how long you wish the light to remain powered on with one of three settings: two, four, or six hours.

A 16 ½ foot long cord allows easy installation to your work area. The solar panel goes on your roof or somewhere outside where its exposure to the sky is unhindered. Each leaf on the pendant light moves independently. Adjust to your specifications.

As mentioned above, the KUFUNG solar pendant light intends to conserve energy. In that regard, it really does only work at night. The solar panel absorbs energy during the day and won’t allow the pendant to turn on. Fix by disconnecting the pendant from the panel, but this also prevents the pendant from charging.


  • Independently adjustable leaves for custom lighting
  • Built-in timer to conserve energy
  • Provides up to eight hours of continuous use
  • 16 ½ foot long cord allows installation anywhere
  • Comes with a remote for mobile control
  • Both pendant and solar panel are waterproof


  • Only works at night or if disconnected from solar panel
  • Remote might be faulty
  • Not built to last a lifetime

#3 – Eddie Classic Solar Shed Light

Here’s a classy little solar shed light. The Eddie Classic has an Edison style bulb and a pull chain, like something you might find in a vintage antique store. As with other solar shed lights, there is no need to install new wiring. The light connects to the solar panel, and that’s it.

What sets this model apart is the E27 head. Where other solar lights work until they don’t, once the bulb reaches its lifespan and burns out, you can replace it with another 3V LED bulb. Make sure to use the on/off switch located on the solar panel if you find the light isn’t working.

Hang the Eddie where you want, or fix it to the wall with the provided mount using the 26-foot cable. The solar panel consists of industrial tempered glass and comes with one 3,000K LED bulb. The bulb is solely for indoor use because it’s not waterproof and requires about eight hours of full sun before use.


  • Replaceable light bulb with E27 head
  • 26 foot cable allows easy installation anywhere
  • Comes with wall mount


  • If light doesn’t work correctly, it requires three days of full sun before using again
  • A full charge only provides three hours of use
  • Difficult to request a replacement bulb from the manufacturer

#4 – JACKYLED Solar Pendant Light

The JACKYLED Solar Pendant Light may be one of the best solar shed lights to answer all of your lighting problems. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the JACKYLED solar shed light responds to remote commands and is motion-sensitive. The fixture works day and night without the need to rest during charge times.

When the JACKYLED solar light detects motion, it will turn on if off – and if it’s already on, it will glow brighter. There are six levels of adjustable brightness, and both the solar panel and light fixtures are waterproof. This package comes with two lamps.

The lights connect to the solar panel via the 16.4 foot cable provided. A rechargeable battery is built-in. The material used to make the model is corrosion-resistant ABS plastic, so it’s resistant against all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and frost.


  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Controlled via remote
  • Motion detector built-in
  • Use day or night, no built-in features to prevent daytime use
  • Two lamps included


  • Motion detector doesn’t work in daylight
  • Instructions included may be outdated as the model is upgraded
  • Lamps are small

#5 – Intelamp LED Solar Pendant Light

The Intelamp LED Solar Pendant Light is operated by remote control. The remote allows you to turn the light on and off, adjust the brightness level, and choose from three colors: cool white, neutral white, warm white. A timing mode to limit use is also selected from the remote for two or six-hour intervals or for a custom length of time.

The solar panel operates and charges even on overcast days and through inclement weather, providing up to six hours of light at full charge. The 16.4 foot wire used to connect the light to the panel is also waterproof. 

The provided shade consists of stainless steel and is also weather-resistant. The dome-shaped shade measures 7.1 inches in diameter. Dimness levels available are 100%, 70%, and 50%. A “Night Light” setting allows the light to function at optimal low brightness to conserve energy while providing minimal required illumination.

The Intelamp LED Solar Pendant Light has a modern appearance and emits light up to 10 feet. It can be hung from a hook or mounted. All accessories needed for installation are included. The instruction book provided offers visuals in case you have trouble setting the light up.


  • Operated via remote control with numerous options
  • Capable of day and nighttime use
  • Easy installation, all accessories provided
  • “Night Light” feature allows utilization with optimal energy conservation
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof


  • Emits light only within a 10-foot range
  • Short use time – a full charge provides six continuous hours of light

#6 – Fornorm Solar-Powered LED Shed Light

The Fornorm Solar-Powered LED Shed Light package includes two wall lights and one solar panel. A rechargeable battery is built-in and requires at least six hours of full sun exposure before the operation. You can mount the lights with accompanying pull chains.

Fornorm provides all accessories needed to mount the light fixtures. No rewiring is necessary, but the cable measures only 6.2 feet. Since the fixtures must be wall-mounted, it might be necessary to drill a hole for external connection or place the fixtures near a window.

The Fornorm Solar-Powered LED Shed Light comes with a two-year warranty and a sixty-day return policy. If the product malfunctions for some reason within ninety days of purchase, Fornorm offers a free replacement service.


  • Pull chains allow for convenient use
  • Two-year warranty provided
  • Sixty-day return policy and ninety-day replacement policy
  • Two light fixtures included
  • Waterproof


  • Short cable at 6.2 feet, may require drilling for installation
  • Not built to last
  • May be more suitable as a night light

#7 – Kyson Solar-Powered LED Shed Light

The Kyson Solar-Powered LED Shed Light’s design offers an industrial feel with a sleek, modern structure. The fixture is operated via a pull chain or by remote control. It can be hung from any area or mounted. Material used includes stainless steel and amorphous silicon for the solar panel.

Kyson’s solar shed light takes between six and eight hours to charge, then provides up to ten to twelve hours of work time. Although only one light is included, they will both work off the same remote if you purchase two.

Another standout feature of the Kyson model is its implementation of the day and nighttime use modes. The solar panel resists weather and water, and the wire can be disconnected should you decide to funnel it through a wall.

While Kyson’s model does not utilize a bulb, the LED provided is durable. Should it malfunction, however, a new unit must be purchased. This product is intended for indoor use as the solar panel is only suitable for outdoor elements.


  • 24/7 use cycle
  • Durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof
  • Operated via remote control or pull chain
  • Short charge time at six to eight hours
  • Extended use time at ten to twelve hours


  • Short lifespan
  • Not as bright as other solar-powered lights
  • Flickers

#8 – Designer’s Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Light

The modern-styled Designer’s Edge solar shed light packs ten LED bulbs into one fixture to produce 30 lumens of brightness. This model must be mounted to a wall within sixteen feet of the solar panel. With all ten LED bulbs on, expect two hours of use. Using only five bulbs at a time allows four hours of use.

Three rechargeable AA batteries are included, along with a two-year warranty on the product. Designer’s Edge estimates the lifespan of this model at 100,000 hours of use. This product comes ready to install. Set up the solar panel, run the cable, and mount the fixture. The unit arrives fully charged.

Designer’s Edge added a pull “chain” to this fixture, but it is delicate, so pulling is not recommended. They suggest light tugs to switch on and off. If you’re feeling crafty, you can dismantle the product to the extent that you can remove the drawstring and replace it with a more durable pull chain. This action, however, may affect the warranty.


  • Provides optimal brightness
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy setup
  • Unit arrives fully charged


  • Weak drawstring for on and off
  • Rechargeable batteries may be faulty, meaning you may have to resort to expendable AA batteries
  • Only works at night

#9 – LOZAYI LED Solar Shed Light

The LOZAYI LED solar shed light combines an industrial style with modernities. The shade is black and retro-style and can be mounted within 16.4 feet of the solar panel. LOZAYI’S LED solar light responds to remote control commands, and the on/off switch is located on the solar panel.

This model charges throughout the day and turns on automatically at night. LOZAYI states their product works for sixteen hours off a full charge. The solar panel requires at least seven hours to absorb a full charge. LOZAYI also estimates their product has a lifespan of 2+ years.

LOZAYI’S solar shed light resists water and weather and is covered by twelve months of service after purchase. In the event of snow, be sure to remove accumulated snow from the solar panel to allow charge to resume.


  • Long connecting cable at 16.4 feet
  • Allows sixteen hours of use off a full charge
  • Low charge time at seven hours compared to output of sixteen hours


  • Short lifespan at 2+ years
  • Functions only at night

#10 – Gama Sonic Light My Shed IV GS-16B2

Gama Sonic’s Light My Shed IV comes with two lights. One mounts to your wall, the other to your ceiling for maximum range exposure. Two cords with varying lengths are included, nine feet and sixteen feet. Both attach easily to the rust-proof solar panel.

Gama Sonic states this model has a lifespan of at least three years, estimated at around 1,000 charges. Recharging speed depends on weather conditions and open sky exposure. The solar panel requires direct sun for any charging to occur. A full charge provides two hours of working light.

A two-year warranty protects your purchase, and Gama Sonic provides a helpline for customer concerns and questions. While it may not be built for long work hours, it may serve a better purpose in a storage shed for short intervals of use.


  • Two lights intended for ceiling and wall mounts to cover maximum range
  • Lifespan of at least three years; good for 1,000 charges
  • Rust-proof solar panel


  • Charging capabilities are dependent on weather conditions; only works with full sun
  • Operates for only two hours on full charge

#11 – Flyhoom Solar Shed Light

The last of the best solar shed lights on our list comes from Flyhoom. Flyhoom’s product consists of a solar panel, a bulb, and a remote. A full charge takes eight hours and provides eighteen hours of working light. The remote allows you to select different modes and times.

Different brightness modes to choose from include high, mid, low, and SOS. Timer settings allow you to decide how long the light will operate – fifteen or thirty minutes, or one to four hours. You must stand within at least seven to ten meters for the remote to function.

When the selected timer expires, the Flyhoom bulb will dim to night light mode. After the initial eight hour charge upon receiving the product, at least six hours of charge time is required for use. Unfortunately, the bulb is not waterproof, but an indicator light is built in to let you know the bulb is charging properly. Overcharge protection is also built-in.

Alternatively, if you wish to charge the bulb without the solar panel, a USB port is available to do so. A USB cable, however, is not provided.


  • Full charge provides eighteen hours of working light
  • Built-in overcharge protection and indicator light
  • Exceptional charge time compared to output length
  • Automatically switches to night light mode when timer ends
  • One-year warranty and thirty-day return policy


  • Bulb not waterproof
  • USB cable not included, should you decide to charge with it instead of solar panel
  • Flimsy remote

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Solar Shed Lights

According to GreenMatch, “Solar panels are usually able to process 15% to 22% of solar energy into usable energy, depending on factors like placement, orientation, weather conditions, and similar.” All you have to decide is where to place your panel, then start taking advantage of free energy.

When you decide to make the switch from electric to solar energy – or if you’re looking to continue your home conversion – there are a few key aspects to consider in your decision. The best solar shed lights blast considerable lumens, last for a substantial length of time, hold significant charges, and offer multiple features.


Lumens represent the amount of solar energy converted into light. For example, according to Merriam Webster, “A standard 100-watt lightbulb gives off 1,500 – 1,700 lumens.” While sometimes you’ll see solar shed lights describe their output in watts, this measurement will most often be indicated in lumens.

So what’s a decent amount of lumens for your shed? Well, keep in mind that the higher the lumens, the more significant the output. Standard floodlights emit anywhere between 700 to 1,300 lumens. It’s likely your shed doesn’t need that much light, so you’d be safe going with 250 to 400 lumens.

The amount of lumens you wish for in a solar light is a personal choice and depends on if you like hard or soft lighting. The lower the lumens, the dimmer the bulb. Also, remember that several of the lights on our list above feature adjustable brightness settings.


Nothing is built to last forever, but you certainly don’t want to buy a new solar light each month. Various factors affect the lifespan of a solar light, perhaps the two most influential factors being the manufacturer and where you intend to place your light.

If a manufacturer claims their product will last for two or three years, that’s great. If they offer a warranty with their product, even better. In fact, always make sure the solar light you purchase comes with a warranty. You’ll notice that some manufacturers don’t measure their product lifespans in years, but in working hours. Keep an eye on those hours to ensure you’re comfortable with the indicated lifespan.

Also remember that where you place your light will affect its lifespan. We assume you’re shopping for the best solar shed lights, so being indoors, your light should be protected. If you intend to use your light outside as well, no matter how resistant to the elements a product may be, you may shorten its lifespan to some degree.

Charge Longevity

How long do you plan to work in your shed? Or will you only be using a solar light to make it easier to search through storage around the holidays to find the Christmas tree? Knowing what you plan to use your solar light for might be the most determining factor in your purchase.

Some lights operate for a couple hours off a full charge. Other lights work for half a day. Yet still other lights only operate at night because of the solar panel’s design. Match the solar light to its intended use to ensure you’re happy with your choice.


Lastly, some solar lights only turn on and off. If you prefer different settings, research the lights listed above to find what meets your needs. Some lights offer adjustable brightness and timer settings. A few offer night light modes to conserve energy.

The Benefits Of Solar Lighting

The number one benefit of solar lighting, of course, is the absence of an electricity bill. Who wouldn’t like to cut down on their monthly expenses? Solar energy is free and abundant. Once you put a solar light in your shed, you might decide to convert your whole house.

Solar lights are also portable. Should you decide to load it up with your supplies for a camping trip, nothing is stopping you. You can’t do that with electric lights. As long as the sun shines or at least there’s daylight, you should have a charge to work with come nightfall.

Solar Shed Lights FAQ

Do solar lights really require direct sunlight?

Well, several manufacturers suggest direct sunlight is the best way for their products to work efficiently. While they’re correct, even on a cloudy day solar panels will still probably absorb some solar energy if not charge fully. Think of it this way: you can’t stop the sun, so you probably can’t stop your solar panel from charging either.

How do I clean my solar panel?

Cleaning you solar lights are important to keep them working properly. Make sure to check up on your solar panel regularly to clear dirt and accumulated grime away.

A dirty solar panel doesn’t charge well if at all. Use a cloth and minimal water. If necessary, use soap, but make sure you don’t leave any soap behind. Remember to clear snow off the solar panel in winter.

Solar lights require maintenance on an annual basis, as well. Though it isn’t much, it will help keep your solar lights lasting for years. All you will have to do is replace the batteries in your solar lights every 3-4 years.

How do I properly store my solar light?

Should you decide to store your solar light, or perhaps you plan to move and you’ll have everything packed for a few days on a road trip, you’ll need to take some precautions to prevent damage to the battery and the solar panel’s charging capabilities.

Make sure the panel receives at least some light each day. If you plan to store it for an extensive period of time, make sure you charge and discharge it fully at least once each month. If you store your solar light and panel in a dark room with no light for prolonged amounts of time, you risk damaging the battery as well as the solar panel never working again.

Here are some tips for making your solar lights last longer.

Where should I place my solar panel?

The optimal location for your solar panel will be on the roof of your shed. However, if your shed sits in significant shade, say from a cluster of trees, your panel will still charge. In this event you might consider determining which side of your shed receives the most sunlight and install your panel there.

There are ways to charge your solar lights without sunlight, but it is always best to place the solar panel in direct sunlight.

You don’t have to worry about the solar panel getting wet. Solar lights are waterproof and designed to stay working in all weather.


Solar lights provide free energy for a low upfront cost. They last for years if properly cared for and will likely one day replace electric lights altogether. The best solar shed lights we listed here are all excellent choices. Whether you plan to hang one in your work shed or storage shed, lighting doesn’t get any easier than solar.


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