14 Best Solar Powered Gate Openers Reviewed 2021

It might seem simple, but solar powered gate openers are small things you can add to your home that can improve your quality of life. It makes it easier for you to come and go each day, and helping you meet your sustainability goals.

Here are the top solar powered gate openers we reviewed:

Ghost Controls TDS2XPBest Overall4.7/5
TOPENS A5SBest Budget4.5/5
Eco-Worthy EM3Best Value4.6/5
Aleko GG900SLVMost Premium4.6/5

If you are environmentally aware, you’ll know that using solar energy to power as much as you can around your home is one of the best and easiest things you can do to contribute to sustainability and help care for the planet. Renewable energy is the future. 

Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know and share our comprehensive list of the best solar gate openers available. 

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Components of the Best Solar Gate Openers

Solar power systems use photovoltaic cells that are mounted in a grid pattern to a solar panel. These cells draw in the sun’s energy, and the other components of the solar power system convert that energy to electricity and store it so it can be used as needed.

Solar gate owners solve several challenges and they’re one of the most economical choices for powering your homestead’s gates.

Solar-powered devices are fascinating, but how many of us actually understand them? Let’s take a look at the components of a solar gate opener and how they work together to power your gate.

Control Box 

The operation’s workhorse is the control box, which includes all the components that allow the gate opener to function. The control box is mounted at the gate, and inside of the box is the power pack, battery, receiver, and a small motherboard that controls the gate opener’s functions. 

Control boxes are typically made from heavy-duty plastic or resin, and they’re fully waterproof. Typically the control box is mounted within a few feet of the gate itself, but they can be mounted further away, if necessary with the help of extension cables. 


The actuator ram is the muscle behind the operation, and it’s the piece that’s responsible for the opening and closing of the gate. The actuator also locks the gate in place, whether it’s open or closed. 

Actuators do most of the hard work, so they’re usually made from powder-coated high-gauge stainless steel. A gasket protects all of the internal components from water and debris to ensure smooth operation for many years.

Solar Panels on the Best Gate Openers

The solar panel is the component that provides the power necessary for the gate opener to function without the help of any electrical parts. 

The solar panel’s cells collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. A wire connects the solar panel to the control box to provide power to the system’s moving parts. The panel must be mounted in an area with maximum access to sunlight to harness as much electricity as possible. 


Without a battery to store power, your solar-powered gate opener would be useless at night and on predominantly cloudy days. The battery takes any excess energy the solar panel harnessed that day, stores and uses it at night. 

Benefits of the Best Solar Gate Openers

Compared to an electric gate opener or a manual gate, there are several significant benefits to using a solar gate opener. 


The most significant benefit of installing a gate opener is the convenience it provides. 

Think of all the work involved in coming or going from your home with a manual gate:

  1. You must drive up to the gate and park your car.
  2. Open the gate, return to your vehicle, and drive through it.
  3. Put the car back into park, close and lock the gate.

With a solar gate opener, you’ll be able to control your gate with the push of a button, all from the comfort of your car. The benefit of this convenience is especially noticeable during the winter and on days with foul weather. 


Another crucial benefit of a solar gate opener is how simple the installation process is. 

Often homeowners are disappointed to find how difficult and involved it is to run power from their main lines to their gate. It’s common for a home’s main electrics to be over a hundred feet away from the gate, and powering the gate will involve trenching and running tons of cable from the house to the gate to power its operation. 

No wiring is necessary with a solar gate, and you won’t have to worry about factoring in an involved and challenging installation into your budget when installing a powered gate. 


Arguably the best part of installing a solar gate opener is the savings it represents. Once you install your gate opener, there are no ongoing costs associated with running your gate opener. There’s no power consumption, no increase to your electricity bill, and solar gate openers typically have the same lifespan as a traditional electric gate opener. 

What to Consider Before Choosing a Solar Powered Gate Opener

Before you decide which gate opener is the best fit for your home, there are some things you’ll want to consider as you evaluate the different models on the market. Depending on your needs and the features most important to you, selecting the most suitable model should be no trouble. 

Your Gate’s Characteristics

The type of gate you have is critically important in deciding the best gate opener for your property. Some gates slide to the side to open, while others open on hinges like a traditional door would. Swinging gates can be comprised of a single door or double doors. Some gates also have a leaf, which can extend the gate’s length to provide more coverage.

Start by carefully noting all of your gate’s characteristics, how it opens, and the parts involved. Consult the owner’s manual to see if there are any recommendations from the manufacturer for gate openers. Once you know this information, you can begin narrowing the field based on which gate openers will be compatible with your gate. 


How much your gate weighs is another critical factor you’ll need to consider when shopping. Gates can range hundreds of pounds in weight, and heavier gates require more robust gate openers. Knowing how heavy your gate is will help ensure that you know how much weight you’ll need the gate opener to support. 

How Often is the Gate Used? 

Every time your gate opens, there’s wear and tear on the moving parts of the gate opener. If you live on a busy property, you can expect the gate to open thousands of times each year. That seems high. But it is just a few times per day.

If you purchase a light-duty gate opener, it isn’t going to be able to stand up to the abuse. And you’ll need to replace parts or buy a new opener altogether. 

Try to opt for a heavy-duty model, if possible. Even if you don’t plan on using your gate opener all the time. A heavy-duty model will stand up to years of regular use and eliminate the need for expensive repairs or replacement. 

Safety Features on the Best Solar Gate Openers

Looking for the best solar gate openers? You’ll want to consider any safety features the gate opener offers. Since they can help protect both people and property from being injured or damaged.

Many gate owners include sensors that detect metal or other objects in the gate. If one of these sensors, called a loop, is triggered, the gate will either stop or reopen to prevent a collision with a vehicle or person. 

Now that you’re equipped with the information you need to make a smart decision let’s dive into the top models on the market today. 

1) Ghost Controls TDS2XP

The TDS2XP from Ghost Controls is one of the easiest to install and most reliable gate openers on the market. This is the best solar gate opener.

This opener is available in single gate and dual gate configurations, and it’s compatible with all swinging doors with an opening of 24’ or less. The TDS2XP is intended for tubular gates. But it works just as well with decorative, ornamental, plantation, or chain-link designs. It includes two remote controls. 

The 10-watt solar panel ensures you’ll have plenty of power to control the gate. And all of the components are covered by an 18-month warranty that extends to 24-months when you register online. Plus, the motor and gear assembly are backed for life. So you’ll receive peace of mind when purchasing this gate. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Affordable
  • Compatible with a wide range of gates
  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • High capacity – For gates up to 900 pounds

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Challenging to reach customer service
  • Extra parts required to unlock certain functions


This powerful and affordable gate opener from Topens is ideal for small and medium-sized single swing gates. 

The A5S offers a simple and intuitive installation process that most homeowners have no trouble tackling without any specialized tools. This model is compatible with practically all single swing gates under 16’ wide or 550 pounds. 

This gate is compatible with both push-to-open and pull-to-open configurations. And the powerful 20-watt solar panel ensures that you have plenty of power to spare when operating the gate. 

Homeowners concerned with safety are sure to appreciate the A5S, which includes features like stop and reverse, adjustable stall force, and more. Should you ever lose power or misplace your remote, there’s also a manual release key so you can safely enter or exit your property even in the event of emergencies. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Compatible with a broad range of gates
  • Affordable
  • More powerful solar panel than most competitors
  • A suite of safety and security features

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Challenging install process
  • Gate hardware tends to strip

3) Homeland Hardware AC5700GA

Offering an impressive mix of value and features, the AC5700GA from Homeland Hardware is a smart choice for a broad range of installations. This is one of the best solar gate openers.

This high-capacity gate is compatible with dual-swing gates up to 16’ or 1,200-pounds. This is considerably more than most competitors, especially in this price range. Homeland Hardware also has a single-swing version that’s even more affordable than this model. 

Twin solar panels providing 20-watts of power ensure that you’ll have plenty of juice to power your gate, which includes two remotes to control operation. This gate also has several safety features like an emergency release, adjustable open/close intervals, a stop/reverse function, and adjustable auto-close. 

Installation is simple and easy to follow. The company provides a comprehensive installation video to walk you through every step of the process instead of fumbling with paper instructions and trying to decipher complicated renderings.

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Great value for the money
  • High weight and length capacity
  • Attractive safety features

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Remote range is mediocre

4) Eco-Worthy EM3

Eco-Worthy’s EM3 is ideal for those who need a heavy-duty gate opener with high-capacity and on a budget. 

This best solar gate opener provides a solid blend of performance and value. It features heavy-duty components like stainless steel IP66 waterproof ram actuators, a powerful 20-watt solar panel, and a dual-battery backup system that can provide up to four days of continuous operation on a full charge. 

The EM3 also provides an impressive capacity that’s ideal for larger dual-swing gates. This opener can handle gates up to 16’ long, with a max weight capacity of 1,320 pounds. This is much larger than most budget-priced openers on the market. 

Everything you’ll need is included in the purchase price, including two batteries for backup, which most manufacturers don’t include. If there’s one knock about this opener, the infrared beam safety module must be purchased separately for the EM3 to provide the stop and reverse safety feature.

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Includes battery backup
  • Great value
  • Compatible with gates up to 16’ and 1,320 pounds
  • Easy to install

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Keypad prone to breakage

5) TOPENS DK1000S 

An ideal choice for people with large sliding gates, the DK1000S from Topens offers a heavy-duty, powerful motor, and it’s compatible with sliding gates up to 1,800-pounds and 40-feet in length. 

This versatile gate is compatible with virtually every sliding gate, including panel, tube, and chain-link models. Installation is quick and easy and requires only standard hand tools you probably already own. 

Almost everything you need for the installation is included, including three 10-watt solar panels. They provide more than enough power to the gate opener. Two remotes with a 65’ range are also included. The only thing you’ll need to add is two 12v batteries for the backup system.

Like other Topens gate openers, this one is packed with safety and security features, and it features a midway mode that’s ideal for allowing pedestrians to pass. The motor has a soft start-stop feature that helps reduce wear-and-tear and ensure years of reliable operation. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Compatible with gates up to 40’ long
  • Powerful 30-watt solar system
  • Industry-leading safety and security features

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Control box not large enough to fit battery backup

6) Aleko GG900SLV

The best dual-swing solar gate openers from Aleko are some of the most versatile on the market, with power to spare and plenty of weight and length capacity. 

This model is available in several configurations depending on the size and weight of your gate. The smallest model is ideal for gates up to 650-pounds or 10-feet long. While the largest can handle gates up to 1,700-pounds and 26-feet long. There are several models in between suitable for different sizes and weights.

These kits include everything you’ll need for the installation, including two powerful 50-watt solar panels, two 18AH batteries for backup, a waterproof battery box, a solar converter, a control box, and two remote controls. 

While this kit is fairly affordable, Aleko didn’t cut corners on the safety and security features. The opening intervals are adjustable; there’s an adjustable auto-close function and a stop-reverse function to prevent injuries or damage to vehicles. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Good value 
  • Available in several configurations for different lengths and weights
  • Includes battery backup
  • Powerful solar panels 

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Doesn’t include mounting hardware or wires for solar panels


If you have a light-duty gate on your property, the A3S from Topens could be one of your best choices. This gate is reliable, affordable, and compatible with a wide selection of different gate styles. 

This is another one of the best solar gate openers. The A3S is a smart choice for gates up to 12’ long. Especially if they’re lightweight, light-duty installations. This opener can handle gates up to 300-pounds. But only if they’re 4-feet wide or narrower. 

Each kit includes everything you’ll need for the installation, including two 10-watt solar panels that provide more than enough power to reliably operate the gate. Like other Topens gates, this model packs various safety features to prevent injuries or damage to vehicles. 

One remote is included. But you can also program as many additional remotes as necessary thanks to Topens Rolling Code microchip technology.

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Compatible with most single-swing gates
  • Compatible with push and pull installations
  • Affordable
  • Powerful solar panel 

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Only includes one remote control
  • Low weight capacity

8) Mighty Mule MM272

This is another one of the best solar gate openers. The MM272 from Mighty Mule is a solid solution for light-duty gates weighing up to 300-pounds with leaf lengths of 12-feet or less per side. This versatile gate opener is compatible with a broad range of gate styles, including ornamental, tube, panel, vinyl, wood, and chain link. 

This kit includes a 30-watt solar panel. This provides more than enough power, two actuator rams, a remote control, a control box, and a battery charger. Mighty Mule includes two sets of mounting hardware. So you’ll always have replacement parts handy if you need them. The only thing it doesn’t include is a battery backup.

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Easy to install
  • 24-7 tech support for troubleshooting
  • Powerful solar panel 

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Only includes one remote
  • Doesn’t include battery backup or battery case


The AD8S from Topens is an ideal gate for residential applications. It offers a substantial weight and length capacity, making this model compatible with virtually all dual-swing gates under 18’ and 880 pounds. 

The components are heavy-duty, with die-cast aluminum arms that can be installed for push-to-open and pull-to-open configurations. Two 10-watt solar panels provide ample juice to power the opener. And it requires a dual-battery backup system to ensure uninterrupted operation when the sun isn’t shining. 

Like all Topens products, this opener possesses many safety features. Some examples are self-closing, obstacle adjusting, and more. There’s also a manual release key for emergencies. So if the opener breaks down or if you lose the remote. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Robust suite of safety features
  • Easy to install
  • Works for push and pull gates

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Doesn’t include battery backup


The AR750NOR-M from Aleko is the perfect answer for property owners looking to create their own custom gate opening solution from the ground up. 

This opener is affordable and boasts an impressive capacity of up to 30-feet long and 750-pounds. The AR750NOR-M can run off a standard 110v electrical outlet or solar-powered system. However, it doesn’t include solar panels and a converter. So you need to purchase them separately. 

Unlike many openers, which require a battery backup that isn’t included, this Aleko model has a 12v backup battery integrated into the unit. This provides uninterrupted operation for solar or wired installations. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Great price
  • Compatible with solar or wired installations 
  • Integrated battery backup

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Requires multiple extras for a solar installation

11) Mighty Mule MM571W

For property owners with heavy single-swing gates, the MM571W could be one of the best options on the market for your needs. This opener offers an impressive blend of performance and high capacity to deliver an opener that should keep your single-swing gate powered for many years to come. 

The MM571W is compatible with virtually all single-swing gates up to 18-feet long, weighing up to 850-pounds. Everything you’ll need for installation is in the box, including a 12v backup battery to ensure reliable operation in any conditions. 

A separate wireless connection kit is available, and it allows you to control the gate from any connected smartphone. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • High weight and length capacity 
  • Powerful solar panel 
  • Compatible with solar or wired installations 
  • Strong warranty and technical support

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Expensive
  • Wireless connection kit isn’t included 

12) Ghost Controls TSS1XP

A heavy-duty and highly reliable gate from one of the industry’s most trusted names, the TSS1XP from Ghost Controls is ideal for all single-swing gates up to 900-pounds and 20-feet in length. 

Ghost Controls products are well known for their ease of installation, and the TSS1XP is no different. Everything you’ll need is in the box, except the battery backup, which must be purchased separately. 

This opener also features one of the best ranges for the remote control. And you should be able to open your gate from as far as 900 feet away from your property. Owners can rest assured that they’re covered should anything go wrong, as a lifetime warranty backs the motor and gear assembly. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Easy to install
  • Substantial weight and length capacity
  • Strong remote range

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Doesn’t include a backup battery
  • Only includes one remote 


Sliding gate owners often find that there aren’t many options on the market compatible with their gates. Fortunately, the DSR600S is an affordable and versatile choice for sliding gates up to 920-pounds and 40-feet in length. 

Like all Topens openers, this product includes a suite of additional safety and security features, such as obstacle detection, midway mode for pedestrian access, and automatic closing. Three 10-watt solar panels provide plenty of power to the gate. But this model can be installed for wired operation as well. 

Installation is easy and straight-forward, and Topens provides responsive customer service to assist you with any problems you may have. Should anything go wrong over your opener’s lifetime, they also offer lifetime tech support so you can troubleshoot issues. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Affordable 
  • Versatile enough for almost any sliding gate installation
  • Strong safety and security features
  • Smart appliance/WiFi compatible (requires additional accessories)

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Doesn’t include a backup battery 

14) Mighty Mule MM362

So the MM362 Mighty Mule gate opener is another viable option for property owners with dual-swinging gates. 

This opener is compatible with dual-swing gates up to 12-foot long per leaf, with a maximum weight capacity of 300-pounds. Whether you have an ornamental, chain link, tube, panel, or any other gate style, you should have no trouble installing this gate with standard tools you already have at home. 

Everything you’ll need for installation is included, except for a backup battery, which must be purchased separately. Also, Mighty Mule includes an AC transformer so that you can wire the gate opener to use electricity instead of solar energy. 

Pros of Solar Gate Openers

  • Easy to install
  • Includes powerful solar panel 
  • 24-7 technical support

Cons of Solar Gate Openers

  • Actuator rams are made from heavy-duty plastic, not metal
  • Limited weight capacity


Today, there are more options than ever before if you’re looking for the best solar gate openers. But with so many to choose from, it’s challenging to narrow the field. Each of the fourteen gate openers on our list is a solid option, but one gate, particularly, earns the distinction as one of the best solar gate openers. 

The Ghost Controls TDS2XP is our top option, and it offers the perfect blend of heavy-duty construction, cutting-edge features, and rock-solid reliability. While this model is for dual-swing gates, Ghost Controls also manufactures a single-swing model to suit different gates’ needs. 


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