10 Best Wireless Solar Keyboards Reviewed 2021

A solar keyboard is a portable computer keyboard that charges the batteries from a light source such as sunlight or interior illumination, addressing a significant downside of wireless keyboards that would require dischargeable batteries to be replaced periodically. The best solar wireless keyboards take the next step to be environmentally friendly.

Here are the top three solar wireless keyboards that we recommend:

Solar KeyboardAwardRating
Arteck Wireless Solar KeyboardBest Overall4.7/5
Macally Wireless KeyboardBest Budget4.2/5
Logitech K750 KeyboardBest Premium4.8/5

One of the main components of a computer or a notebook is a keyboard. No matter what gadget you’re using, the keyboard is essential for laptops, tablets, or phones.

Fitting the time of wireless connectivity, solar keyboards have become the most compact keyboards of modern time. They are also popular for their sleek and modern design.

How We Reviewed The Best Solar Wireless Keyboards

Every solar wireless keyboard went through the following rigorous review process:

  • Must have at least four out of five stars
  • The keyboard should not have repeated issues across a large percentage of reviewers
  • Must have a great return policy and warranty
  • Keyboard must be made out of quality parts and batteries

Lastly, there are some keyboards that work better with Macs or PCs specifically. For that reason, we are sharing our favorite solar wireless keyboard for each below.

Best Solar Wireless Keyboards For PC

The Logitech K750 Keyboard came in the top spot among dozens of solar keyboards. It is designed specifically for the PC and had the most five star reviews.

Best Solar Wireless Keyboards For Mac

The Macally Wireless Keyboard for Mac came in the top spot among dozens of solar keyboards. It is designed specifically for Mac computers and had the most five star reviews out of all Mac keyboards.

Best Solar Wireless Keyboards

Macally Solar Keyboard for Windows

This Macally wireless keyboard can perfectly be used for laptops, notebooks, and desktops. With this keyboard, you won’t have trouble with changing batteries as the keyboard can be charged via solar power. You can even use light sources such as lamps, halogen lamps, LED lights, etc.

A built-in Li-ion battery comes in the keyboard, which has the ability to last two months hours in total darkness. It has many amazing features, such as quiet click keys, which comes in handy if you’re working from home. The keyboard features 110 thin keys designed for silent typing, shortcut keys and an on/off button to help you save energy. A fast and easy typing experience is assured by the concave key cap style.

Battery LED indications, cap lock indicators, and, most notably, seventeen Windows shortcuts are other important features of the keyboard. Its sleek and compact style is also appealing. The width of the keyboard is 0.2″, and it is incredibly sturdy and strong.

It should be noted that the keyboard works on all computers and laptops that have installed Windows 7, 8, or 10. For a better typing experience, it has a secure Bluetooth connection and a slight 10-degree tilt. It is ultra-slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

The keyboard is full-size, meaning it has arrow keys and a numeric pad. It comes with a labeled USB port, so you can easily identify it and differentiate it if you have a wireless mouse. You can find this amazing keyboard on Amazon.

Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard for Windows

No battery or some other power source is needed for this solar-powered keyboard. It can draw energy from the sun or even several forms of artificial light. You don’t have to worry if sunshine does not reach the spot where you store it.

The keyboard and slim and compact design for easier handling that can fit in any space you want to store it in. You can install a Logitech app that gives you the option to check the keyboard’s power level.

There is a small “check light” key right above the ten-key pad that displays the remaining battery life using simple symbols that anyone can understand. You will see a green smiley-face if you are charged up, and a red frown lets you know that you need to turn on your light source.

Logitech also likes to push awareness for our environment by making a PVC-free keyboard. The keyboard comes in a 100% recyclable box. Instead of mailing you a CD with instructions, they provide you with a link to their app.

The keyboard can be connected to any PC or laptop that has installed Windows 7, 8, and 10, but also on Windows Vista and Windows XP. The 2.4 GHz connection makes it easy to work, with no delays or interferences. It also has a long-range connection, so you won’t have to worry about the computer’s distance. Check this link to find the keyboard.

Macally Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

The Macally Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard is a perfect option if you want a hassle-free solar wireless keyboard for your Mac. This solar-powered keyboard can operate under all lighting conditions and has an integrated rechargeable 600 mAh lithium-ion battery.

It can last for two months (or 150 hours) in complete darkness, and it even has a power switch to help you save energy. The keyboard has a strong Bluetooth connection, which can work on long-distance, up to 30 feet.

It has an indicating LED lights for successful pairing and low battery. For better typing comfort, the keyboard has a ten-degree tilt and a quiet click. This keyboard has keys for 21 Apple shortcuts. It can connect to any Apple computer with Mac version 10.6 and later versions.

There’s a key that opens up Apple’s macOS search engine with a click with the famous Spotlight icon on it. Other keys raise or decrease the text size of a tab, and there is a key that invokes the Force Quit dialog. There is also a key for printing.

The instructions are right on the keyboard with the Macally keys. Any key shows you, with a glimpse, what you need to click to reach pairing mode. The manufacturer’s manual is well-written, straightforward, and simple to understand.

The keyboard has an easy setup with fast pairing. You don’t need to install any software to run the keyboard. Follow this link to Amazon, where you can choose between two colors of the keyboard. The keyboard also comes in silver color, which will suit your Macs’ design.

Logitech K750 Keyboard for Mac

For Mac users who need to type a lot on a regular basis, this Logitech sleek and compact keyboard is perfect. The K750 runs under artificial lighting, and you can simply use it in any well-lit setting, regardless of light source and form.

Using the compact Logitech Solar App, you can also find out the keyboard’s remaining power level. There is no battery, and even if it is left in darkness for several days and weeks, you should expect the keyboard to keep the charge for 3 months.

Slim and elegant, the K750 conveniently blends into small desks and rooms. It features a basic keycap style from the brand. This means that you can type for a long time without getting exhausted or making noise. It has two small feet so that you can prop it to any angle, but you can also lay it flat on your desk.

The keyboard operates for Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions, while a small Logitech Unifying receiver requires a USB port. No program configuration is required, and it has a standard Mac layout. It connects via wireless technology at 2.4 GHz.

The keyboard has the same F-keys, just like any Apple keyboard. The stylish design fits the design of your Mac. You can find this keyboard on this Amazon link.

Arteck Wireless Keyboard for Windows

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, secure wireless solar keyboard, then this Arteck keyboard is the one for you. With an ergonomic build made from stainless steel that weighs a touch above 26 ounces, this solar-powered typing machine is slim and compact. The keyboard is extremely easy to use and is designed to boost your typing experience. Its keys are very comfortable and lightweight. 

For use in offices, homes, and commercial shops, Arteck provides wireless solar charging keyboards. The keyboard comes with innovative technology for solar charging. For absorbing light energy and solar energy, there are two built-in solar panels.

The keyboard can be charged through life sources such as LED lamps, bulbs, halogen lamps, and many more. The keyboard’s battery is a 600mAh battery that can run in complete darkness for 2 months. The standby time is 600 hours or so.

With 110 keys with concave keycaps, the solar wireless keyboard is ergonomically built. It provides smooth and convenient typing on the keyboard. The fingertips get maximum support with whisper-quiet buttons, and there is also no noise when typing. The keyboard is supplied with rubber pads on the bottom to prevent slipping.

The gray-colored keyboard, elegant and smartly built, is just 0.2 inches thin and weighs only 1.62 pounds; it can comfortably be transported to any place. High-quality materials are used in the development of the keyboard. The keyboard is powered by 2.4 GHz wireless technology and can be used for desktop and laptop applications.

The keyboard is compatible with any desktop, PC, and laptop with installed Windows. Check here to find the keyboard on Amazon.

Jelly Comb Solar Keyboard for Windows

This sleek and elegant keyboard from Jelly Comb has ergonomic keycaps for quiet typing. It has a sleek, lightweight build with a thickness of just 0.2 inches, and it weighs 1.62 pounds. To keep the keyboard in place, it has rubber pads on the back and a silicone coating on the front to shield it from dirt and other environmental substances.

The 2.4Ghz wireless infrastructure offers a 30-feet operating distance for a more secure and fast connection. Simply plug the USB receipt into your device, and you can use the keyboard instantly. The keyboard can be connected to any PC and desktop that supports Windows.

The keyboard has two built-in solar panels that can be charged with sunlight or any artificial lighting. That includes lamps, LED light, halogen lamps, and many more. It lasts for 150 hours in darkness.

The keys have a spherical design, meaning that they are slightly curved to fit your finger. The keyboard is made from ABS with metallic paint to provide a stylish design. Manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also have excellent tech support if you have any problems or questions. You can check out this keyboard on this link.

Xcellon Solar Keyboard for Windows

This keyboard is sleek, thin, and elegant, which complements the design of modern technology. Aside from the service, the way a keyboard is designed is a factor that can matter greatly. The keyboard has an ultra-thin design, which makes it easy to transport.The built-in solar panels will automatically charge the battery, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing it.

It has a frequency of approximately 2.4 GHz and can perform very well even if you are 30 feet away from the computer. The keyboard comes with a discreet USB receiver with plug-and-play functionality. A big plus is that it does not require any software installation to operate.

The keyboard comes with a one-year warranty. It is compatible with any computer and laptop that has installed Windows XP, Vista, or 7,8, and 10 versions. Its connection gives you the ability to operate at long distances. Follow this link to check out the keyboard.

Logitech MK750 Keyboard and Mouse for Windows

This Logitech combo is the perfect choice if you’re looking for high-performance devices in your everyday life. The keyboard charges itself with any form of light. It can last for at least three months in darkness. Another great feature is that the keyboard comes with an on and off button so that you can save energy.

The wireless connection is provided by one USB receiver, connecting both the keyboard and mouse to the computer. The mouse has an accurate cursor and fast scrolling. It is sculpted to fit your palm comfortably. The keyboard and mouse are built to function quietly. It has concave keycaps, meaning that both the mouse and the keyboard are perfect for a quiet environment.

The pivot point for mouse motions should never be your wrist, so Logitech crafted the mouse with a smooth contour that skews slightly left so that your elbow does the job instead. The surface of the mouse is wide enough to fit the variety of hand sizes.

If you follow this link on Amazon, you will find the option to pair the keyboard with the compatible wireless Logitech mouse. The mouse has perfect accuracy if you need fast clicking. The battery life of the mouse is three years. Also, when you buy the keyboard, Logitech gives you a three-year warranty.

This combo is compatible with any computer, laptop, and notebook that have installed Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 and 8.

Logitech K760 for Mac

If you’re looking for a small and compatible keyboard, Logitech offers a great solution with its K760 model. This flexible and powerful solar keyboard helps you conveniently type away to your laptop, iPad, Mac, or iPhone while having the easy option to switch between them in Bluetooth settings.

Since the keyboard is extremely portable, it’s perfect for those who travel a lot and are on the move. The keyboard can be charged inside and outside, using sunlight or artificial light, making it versatile and simple to charge. When the keyboard is fully charged, it can last up to three months in darkness.

With its sleek design and weight of 0.82lb, it complements the Apple surroundings. The keyboard also has concave keys for quiet, precise, and effortless typing. It is compatible to pair with the Mac OS X v10.5. If you want to pair it with your iPhone and iPad, you need to have iOS 4.0 or later versions.

The point of solar keyboards is to be more environmentally friendly. The Logitech K760 takes another step toward this goal. The keyboard is PVC- free constructed, and it also comes in a recyclable box.

You can find the Logitech K760 keyboard on this link.

Best Macally Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac

With the same features of before mentioned high-quality solar keyboard, including a long-lasting battery and anti-slide grips, Macally’s Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac features a fast wireless connection to make typing away easy and reliable.

This wireless keyboard will charge a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery with any lighting and can stay charged for up to 150 working hours in complete darkness. It uses a USB for wireless connection without any interference.

Not only is the super-thin external keyboard sturdy and long-lasting, but it also fits well with your Apple computers and smartphones. With 21 intuitive Apple keyboard shortcuts, it maximizes proficiency and keeps track of battery power with the LED indications. The LED indicator lights will show you if the pairing is successful and tell you if your Caps Lock or Num Lock is on.

The keyboard also has a 10-degree tilt and anti-slide grips. With the wireless connection, this keyboard also has the possibility of long-distance operating up to 30 feet. You don’t need to install any software; plug in the USB, and you’re ready to go.

The keyboard can be paired with any Apple computer with a USB port as well as programmed Mac OS X V10.6 and later versions. Check here to find the keyboard.


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